Monday, January 24, 2005

EnviorMentalist- Screaming Global Warming Again

While I have not written in the last few day’s, I have been busy and also most of what I wanted to write about has been covered by my fellow bloggers.
But today I could not keep silent any longer. I ran across this insane article on “global warming”. The article portrays that we are heading for a crises very much like the fantasy motion picture “The Day After Tomorrow”. While the movie was entertaining, but let’s be real here it was a fantasy, nothing more.
We have for years listen to these Doom Sayers, they have cried wolf so many times it really gets old listening to them anymore.
For example we have listen to them about how bad automobiles are, and that if we would just change our gas to “unleaded” this will help the problem. So now we have a new problem, it is called SMOG- cause from the so-called safe gasoline they demanded. The reason for it is because unleaded gas burns a whole lot HOTTER than leaded gas ever did. So when the fumes are emitted from the car all that heat has to go somewhere, and it has been proven that heat rises. Also when they tested this so-called miracle gas, it was done in places like Minnesota where the climate is a lot cooler than places like, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Texas. Now we are strapped with stupid environmental rules that are not working. We also now have a problem with producing enough gasoline in our own country because the environMentalist will not allow for new drilling much less refineries that very much needed, so that causes gas prices to be at almost $ 2.00 a gallon. We also have higher car repair bills, inspection stickers that are nothing more than another tax revenue for the states. Completely utter failure on their part to do anything about pollution from automobiles. Their policies are complete failures in every aspect.
So from this alone why are we to believe any more reports form these fear mongers and anti capitalist idiots. It has been proven these people that believe in this garbage are “socialist” and “Anti Capitalist”, they want to have big government take care of all things (may God forbid). They know they can’t get their agenda out by conventional means, so they have to lie, connive and put deception in the main stream media- (which by the way are just like them) to print this rubbish. Just like the liberals in our country the only way they can get their agenda to pass is either by fear or the courts.
Oh now it time for me to go too the store in my bigV8 pickup truck. I want to be sure I do my part in helping keep America economically strong, but environmentally well we still have to be able to get around you know…