Friday, February 25, 2005

Friday-Current Events 2-25-2005

Marine still being investigated for killing insurgents in Iraq. After telling them to stop- and they disobeyed he shot them as they were running towards a house that Marines had found guns and bombs in.
My personal take on this is "You cannot run a Politically Correct War" and something tells me the disgruntled Sergeant has a problem with authority in the military. Which means to me he should be corrected and taken down. Besides this story broke out of the NY Times and we all know how reliable and bias they are....
Grass root campaign has started to let the uppers in the Military know how we as citizens feel about this sham of trying to run a war on "POLITICAL CORRECTNESS". It is INSANE. Here is a link for more information and the officers are pleading for calm in this case.
Be glad to let up on them, once they drop these ridiculous charges and let this Marine go back to work.

I hate it when I read stories about cops using a little bit of excessive force. Besides the man was upset and wanted to get help for the dieing dog. I might have done the same thing. In fact I have tried to help injured animals many times. I have stop and drug huge dead pigs off the road to prevent accidents, done the same for deer as well.
To me this was a classic class of excessive force- and probably will not be settled with out a lawsuit. But you know the cops responsible set themselves up for it. I can still hear the Sergeant that I took a Citizens police course from a couple of years back. "Be darn sure you need to use excessive force- because if you hurt the wrong person- it can cost you your job, career and a lot money that the police department can ill afford to loose." Kinds of sums it up.

I browsed on the Right Thinking Girl site and found a piece on "Illegal Immigrant Sex Offenders Unfairly Targeted by Illegal Immigrant Sex Offender Laws" you can read the whole thing by clicking on the link. My thoughts are just exactly like hers. Mine would take it one-step further that if you commit the crime here, you will be doing the time here and then deported. If you kill an officer we are going to fry you here- I don't care what country you are from- you will pay for the crime here. And as for the ACLU trying to get you off- as far as I am concern they should fry with you. I have no use for an organization that make a mockery of our justice system.
Nuff said...

Found this item about the Comedy News Network failure to carry a diplomat’s news conference in Slovakia. It seems that they left out the reports of all the bad things that Saddam Hussein did to his own people in their reports (SURPRISE!!!). This is why the people in Europe have been misled with reports of "American Aggression" and "Hostile Take Over". Kind of hard to say you are not bias when you leave out reports of mass genocide, and using WMD on his own people. Not mention the Rape rooms and Torture Cells. Depend on the News from the Comedy News Network- "we report what we want too- and the rest you of can go to hell"....
Thank you Captain Ed for the reports of the real truth and what is happening over there.

Some people want Texas to secede from the Union- I think the term fruitcake would be appropriate here that is for sure. While in many ways it sound good- but in today’s world it would never work anyhow. Besides Washington gotta have some Texans up there to give them a little common sense once in a while. I at one time entertained such a thought- because I was angry at some Yankee's doing something to our natural gas down here- wanted them to freeze up there instead of us supplying them. But I forget now what they did to make me mad anyhow. No sense in starting another cival wah over thet anyhow....

New TV show offends the Catholic Church. No it is not about the priest molesting children. It is about the show flushing down the toilet Communion Wafers, and giving communion to non-Catholics. Seems to me the church has a lot more problems with image than this. But I also don't want trash TV distorting the beliefs of any denomination either. Any way read about it here.

This story goes along with an essay I wrote earlier in the week about Bill Cosby. Just goes to show you that Blacks are beginning to take notice of people like Lashawn Barber and Walter Williams after all. I for one applaud this for the Black people, for far too long these folks have been made into Black leaders of repute.... I would say after this conference it was a bad day not only for them, but for the Dumocrats as well.

Thaaaaat allll Folks; Have a Great Weekend


Thursday, February 24, 2005

Texas Schools Don't Have Enough Money?

In my browsing among the blogs this morning, I notice some of my fellow Texans are concern with what is going on down in Austin with school finance. It really is an old story to me because the problem is that no matter what there never will be enough money to do the insane policies we are doing now.
You heard me right – insanity has taken a hold of all the school districts in Texas.

Now before you call me loco totally, lets examine a few things first. Lets us ask ourselves what the real purpose of our schools is. Back when country first started most people sent their kids to school to learn the basics of reading, writing and math. The textbook back then was the Holy Bible. It taught them everything they needed to know from this one book. Then as years went by they added Science and History and even had specialized books for the courses as the time went on. This of course; and not so many years ago, was usually taught by a single teacher. (I am not suggesting that this needs to happen today.) Then as time went on our population of course got bigger, and the need for more teachers. Which is fine with me. I like the idea of having specialized teaching these subjects anyway. This allows the teacher to the best education possible for students. We built new schools, and provided books and the equipment as it need it. Even put air conditioning in the schools as well.

Before long we added sports, drama, band, and all kinds of things. They of course said this would help our children be better equipped in life by having these things. Teaching then cultural things. Of course my parents said fine we could do that. But they stressed that kids need to have emphasis on the basics of education. Somewhere along the line the path got skewered and all of a sudden we have kids who now go to school to learn how to be a professional athlete. Schools in an attempt to show they have the “WINNER” program goes out and gets the right people, the best equipment, the best of everything so that Johnny Q will not be without. The band, the cheerleaders, the booster club. All of which need to be included now. It started in the colleges then worked it way on down to our High Schools in time. So now we are talking big money to do all these things. But has our education improved along the way? What about the basics? Deos anybody care anymore? Even our Jr High and Elementary schools are not doing much better.

Now with all these extra curricular activities- have our kids improved on the basics of Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Science and History? Studies that have been released that are honest report now- show that it is lacking. We see now that teachers are not teaching subject anymore they are teaching the “TEST”.
We all have read about tragedies of kids going to college, but cannot read at a college level. They don’t even know how to balance a checkbook because they can’t add and subtract. But boy can they run the 40 – 4.0 flat. Carry that old pigskin up and down that field. Slam Dunk that ball from 15 feet out.

But what happens when Johnny Q gets injured on the field. What happens if Johnny Q can’t make it in the Pro’s? You have a bigger problem because now he does not have any practical skills to get a good paying job. Johnny Q 9 times out 10 becomes either drug addict or alcoholic- because can’t face failure. Can’t face the fact he wasted away his education for a little glory on Saturday afternoon. No longer are the pretty girls calling. No longer are the cars, and fast times calling either. But is it really Johnny Q’s fault?
Or is a product of a school system with skewered, with bad ideas of what it takes to be successful in life.

You maybe saying to yourself I am not being fair here. Look at all the good that has happened down the years. Look at all the success stories we can talk about. Ever thought about how much of a percentage that equals out to? You say I am picking on the sports only. Yeah you are right because it is the biggest expense that schools have now. They sure don’t spend all that money on a history lab some place. Dollar wise the sports are just huge expense and drain on the schools. The return is dismal at best.

Now you can see why I say we need to look real hard on what we want out of our schools in Texas anymore. Do we want to have our maximize efforts towards giving our children the best education money can buy. Or do we continue down the path of irresponsibility?
For far to long the focus has been on cry of “only if we had more money”. Only “if we could just get a better gymnasium for the kids to play in” Only “if we could make our track like the Olympics”, “our swimming pool is below standards” it goes on and on. Is throwing more money the real answer to the problem?

While we are at it can we pay the English teacher a decent salary? Can we pay Mr. Robinson the math teacher enough so that he does not have to work in the evenings to support his family? Principle Jones has a huge salary; it almost takes three teachers to equal his salary. How about the superintendent with his salary would take 5 principles to equal in some places. So you can the how heavy it gets at the top. But the teachers are left with crumbs in most cases. You don’t go into teaching to make good living- you do it because you love it and are willing to sacrifice a lot of things in order to do it anymore. They get very little thanks in the end.

So as you can see we have a lot of problems in Texas schools. In many districts they are stretched so thin because they are under Federal mandate to teach in both English and Spanish. (Seems to me they should learn English if you are going to live here.) Also how many of these so-called “legal” immigrants are even paying anything in taxes to help out here? Don’t give me that cock and bull story they pay taxes too in sales tax. Do they pay property taxes, income taxes? See what happens when you let liberals rule by courts instead of by the system of Congress, Senate and Executive branch. You can’t run a country on good intentions and feelings.

I won’t talk about the sham that Ma Richards sold us about the lottery funds to be used to educate our kids. Yep went right where they wanted it- in the general fund. Money that supposed to ear marked for our schools. What about the wonderful Robin Hood plan that the liberals dreamed up- steal from the rich districts to pay for the little districts inability to keep up with Joneses in Dallas or Houston. It left a hole in the big districts, which of course required more tax dollars to offset the shortage. Wonderful plan that was. It is all most as successful as the “War on Poverty”. The only thing positive in Robin Hood is that it has not reached over 3 trillion dollars yet. But give’em a little time it will.

So here we are today with them screaming for more money. So you see enough is never enough for these hogs. It is expensive to feed liberal hogs. They require only biggest and finest for their trough.

So you see why I say it is time reassess what our goals and needs are for the kid’s education. What are the things we really want to see happen for our kids? If we want schools to train for professional sports then we should create such schools for those who are gifted and can make it. But at the same time train them in a trade. This should be supported either by corporate sponsorship or private funds. Not the Taxpayer.

The same should go for all activities away from the basics of what school is suppose to be. Taxpayers should no longer be saddled such extravagance anymore. I am sure if we were to do this there would be plenty of money for teacher salaries, and new tools that would be needed to help them with. We could then compete with corporate America to keep our finest and brightest stars in the profession they love.

But will these kinds of things be considered in the current session down in Austin. No it won’t happen, because they only hear “ we need more money for the children” our “children are being deprived of an education because of money”.

Believe what you will, I for one will not buy it. Just like I don’t buy into stock options for a bridge in the Sahara desert either. But our politicians will do it every time, so long as we will let them. Besides it not their money they are spending. It belongs to the good old Taxpayer they love to abuse. You can bet when this is all over with, that they will sell you those stock options weather you want them or not. My only question is do I get any Vaseline in this deal? Hear the little piggies coming? Squealing with delight cause there more money in trough. Oink Oink.....;>)

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Bill Cosby- A real shame

I was browsing on Lashawn Barbers site and noticed an article about Bill Cosby. I have genuinely liked this man for years now. I thought of the comedy and shows he has done has brought many hours of laughter and entertainment.
As we all know by now he has been accused of not only committing adultery, but drugging two women. Sounds a little far fetched to me. This is a man who lost one of his children to drugs several years ago- I personally think that this alone would make him think really hard about trying to drug someone. That does not by means makes him innocent or above the law. But I would like a little consideration towards maybe just maybe he would be innocent in something like this.
Celebrities still have yet to learn that while they are privilege in much of their doings and actions- but with that status comes great responsibility. That means that if you don't want the world to know about your sins- don't do it. If you don't want the world to know you cheated on your wife- don't do it. I don't care if you are Koby or Bill. Just don't do it.
It may well be that in both cases these women were looking for a payoff. But in Koby's case I find it awfully hard to convince me he did not do something wrong when the evidence against him was pretty bad. (Bloody T-shirt and evidence of forced anal sex.)

As for Cosby, well whatever the evidence against him has not come to full light as of yet. But it hardly matters any more because integrity and trust has been shattered. It is too bad too; because what he said about the Black culture was true. And could have been a real catalyst to help turn things around for them.

As for the double standard that liberals use against conservatives, well we have to be honest enough with ourselves and learn to live the way we talk. Our actions must be higher than theirs. We must never give them cause to even questions; our lives and actions. I don't claim to be perfect and will not try to saddle anyone with that monkey either. But like wise we can never accept behavior by them, like we did in the Clinton years.

With great gifts, comes with great responsibility. Our gift to our nation, churches, and families is to live as morally straight as we can. Does that mean we walk on water? No. But the point is that we must do our best to do the right thing.

I don't want to be known as someone who does not make mistakes, because I have many times.
But in the Cosby case it just to bad it happened at all. One would hope he gets the help he needs now. One would hope he will repent (turn around) and go another path instead of the course of destruction he is on right now. I don't know how he begins to repair the damage to his wife of many years. I know that I have made many stupid mistakes in life time with my wife, and have asked for forgiveness as well. But I try real hard not to make it again. Let’s hope he can begin by being honest with himself because if he can not then it is mute to try and be honest with another person.

We can only hope that we can learn from this tragedy, and move forward. I also hope that another Black man or woman will take the mantel and lead them to the road of true freedom and independence, which begins by making on your own merit. No by quotas or because you are of a particular race. Not living on government checks and handouts. That would be the road for true independence for the Black Americans.

That is something that people like Jesse Jackson and NAACP are afraid of, of Black Americans living free and independent of government and handouts and them.

Tuesday Thoughts and Pundits

I was browsing around on net and always like to look and see what Detroit Moter City Mad Man- Ted Nugent is up to. Found some lyrics to a song that sounds cool- just wonder what the music sounds like? Here are the lyrics from his site.
Stand lyrics
"I don't need John Kerry to wipe my ass, don't need Ted Kennedy to spill my glass,
Al Not So Sharpton is a horses ass, redistribution is a fkn laugh.
Ch-I don't need nobody to hold my hand, don't need nobody, I can stand.
Make it on my own in a Rock-n-Roll band, kiss my American ass I'm a Republican.
V2-ya say you're friends with Michael Moore. Then you are friends with pimps & whores,
The 2nd Amendment aint about no sport, no right to self defense in a Kerry court.
Ch- Brdg-You don't think I'm taxed enuf, well I'm ready to call your bluff.
Pimps & whores & welfare brats, too much gvt way too fat. "
If it goes to the beat of Stranglehold I can jam to that...
Speaks in Volumes about the way I feel about those idiots.....

Musing Minds Kim said they now have FOX NEWS!!! This is great news for the folks up in Canada land. At one time they were stuck with ultra liberal state news and CNN. Which we all know about the "Comedy News Network", the only thing missing is AL Franken and his staff of monkey writers....

It seems so sad to watch this struggle with Terri Schiavo. The parents want to let her live- and the husband wants to kill her. Seems to me the sensible thing to do, would be for him to divorce her- since he has already committed adultery. Then allow her parents to decide what is best for her at that point. Besides something tells me he wants her dead because of something he did?
If he has done nothing- then why put so many through hell..... The family will be in prayers.

Well it is official- the NHL has managed to kill the season. Really can you really feel sorry for these Millionaire players? Even in abject poverty in the NHL you make in the hundreds of thousands dollars....Are you sure Latrell Sprewell was not at the negotiating table for the players? This was the clown that said he could not "afford" to feed his family on 14 MILLION dollars? What kind of drugs is this guy doing? What kind are the NHL players doing now?
The average ticket here in Dallas is around $50 a game- like a family of 4 can afford to go to 41 games a year. Mark Cuban I am not. So as far as I am concern let the players go get a real job some place and work for a few dollars an hour. IDIOTS.

Don't even think about starting a Pro Hockey league again without a salary cap, and refine some of the rules to go back to old time hockey. For example make goalies wear padding that is not so big that it covers the net.

Looks like the guy who was the Father of an unborn child killed his lover and her son. The guy deserves the specials in this case. To many of these sense less killings and with the good old boy's at the ACLU this will drag things out on punishment. It will take the state Millions to execute this lowlife. All because the ACLU likes to make a mockery of the criminal justice system. Average wait time on death row now is about 15 years giving or take year or so.
I always thought the best thing that could happen is that when these judges and the ACLU that get reprieves for these wonderful people, then they should make them come live with them at their expense and comfort of their home and family. Of course if anything were to happen to them- well just try to tell that to someone who cares like the original victims families they just slapped in the face.
Of course it's lunacy to allow the ACLU to do what it has done to the system like it has anyway.... So do we need more liberal activist judges out there?

I see that the Fraud made it to camp. (What for?) He evaded questions about his steroid use. Is there any doubt in any ones mind now?
"He called reporters liars, and pointed to problems in the world he considers much more important than steroids, such as alcoholism and drug abuse."
I don't believe for a minute that this guy has any credibility left in him. He would have been better to retire and ride off in the sunset. Steroids and a mistress. Really now- any questions at all?
Randy Galloway a columnist here in Dallas area, has called Deion Sanders a fraud when he played in the NFL- I am afraid that Deion was the real thing Randy cause the guy out in San Francisco is a bigger fraud....

Well that's all for today, have a great week everyone.

UPDATE: Kim sent men an email correcting me that it was Jeff who just got Fox News. Sorry for the error. Congratualtions Jeff and as Rush always say's Welcome Home.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Social Security- A benifit or A burden?

This morning on my way to work, I was listening to the Wall Street Journal report on XM radio. They had a story on their show saying that a poll by them and NBC showed the Presidents support for Social Security reform was down to 40%. That showed a figure down by 6% from pre-election support.

Personally I feel that most polls are rigged to reflect whatever the polltakers want it too. So if you want to show people are not in favor of something just take poll and you get the numbers you want eventually. Kind of like pick the people that gave you the answers you wanted- then throw in a few for the other side.

We all know that the MSM has for years pushed and connived stories to push the liberal agenda. This is no different on the SS reform. The Democrats are loosing the war on their liberal agenda more and more everyday. This was their bastion; this is their brainchild they have saddled us with since the 1940’s. This where the idea of “Social” for government provision came from. It was their door opening to allow the government in to the management of people’s lives. People were sold on this idea that if they would contribute to this fund, it would take care of them in retirement years. Back when it started- it was something like 20 workers working and contributing to the fund to the 1 that was taking from the fund. It was also a separate fund AWAY from the general fund, and it was not ever suppose to go there. Today that ratio is down to maybe 3 to 1. How did this happen?

Along came the Camelot Whitehouse of the 60’s. From this Whitehouse we saw several things. We got into a war that General Macarthur told us to stay out of back in the late 40’s. We also had government expansion dramatically as well. But the biggest thing that happened was that although JFK got the biggest tax relief passed for Americans at that time it came with a price. The government apparently at the time was starting to run short on funds. So they saw this big pile of money over in the SS fund, just sitting there. Well it was too much temptation to the Democrats; they decided to include the SS fund into the General fund. So guess what now they not only made up the shortage- they had a whole bunch of money to play with and create more “Social” programs with it. Usher in the “war on poverty” programs. Which needless to say has been a dismal failure from the start. But that is for another topic, another day.

So now SS is in trouble. The President told us this in State of the Union address this year.
Now that brings us to where we are today.

I wrote David Limbaugh an email telling him what I heard and learned this morning. You can read it (my apologies for not proof reading a little better- I was here at work and had a phone call, I work in a call center,and clicked send without proof reading first.) here.

“David, I know where you stand with SS and all but, I heard an incredible report on the WJ report this morning on my way to work. It said in a new poll by them and NBC that support for the President reform is down to 40%.
Now as far polls go I think most are rigged to read the way they want them too.
I am wondering if it is not time for bloggers to start a grass roots effort to get this reform through. I have maybe 18- 20 years left in the work force. I would like SS to be there for me and my wife. We have both contributed to this fund for all out working life. And yes we are and have made plans for our retirement with out SS. In fact both of us have believed it would not be there for us because by that time the TAX will be to high and people just will not work if the taxes are to high. SS was crewed up by the Camelot group in the 60's when they said lets put the funds in the general fund. Of course you know as well I do, Democrats have never been able to stop them selves with spending other peoples money, especially when they have new money they never were suppose touch in the first place....
We are already are working 5 mos out the year to pay our taxes now.
By the way that report said American would support "modest" tax increases to fun SS? Wonder where they took that poll? Down in Broward county in FL?
Any way any suggestions as to what or how to proceed from here? My little blog just does not reach enough folks to really get a message out.
I will be posting something on it today though.
Thanks, Keith

Again forgive me for the errors above.

He was kind enough to publish my email and my site. But most importantly he has given us bloggers a challenge. A sort of call to arms. While he does not want to endorse or lead in any efforts, he has pointed out marvelously that the power of bloggers can change and move things in the right direction.

Today we have to ask ourselves a very important question. That is this. Now that we have this huge MONSTER called Social Security and Medicare, and to leave it as it is now. Will not only be irresponsible, but flat out wrong to the future of America. It will burden the younger generation needlessly with a program that could have been fixed. And quite frankly I don’t see them wanting to support a bunch of old people- with huge medical bills and so forth anyway. The Democrats continue to resist any change in the program, except for TAX increases. I don’t know about you but I work 5 months out of the year just pay for my TAX bill as it is. It is inexcusable to continue stonewalling, crying and just out and out acting like 4 year olds to politicize this issue any longer.

If we are as nation are going to have such a program, then lets fix it now. If not then begin the painful process of eliminating it. But the time to take action is now. We cannot wait until the 11:00 hour in 2026 to do something.

So what I propose is lets use our blogs to start a grassroots effort, to get the reform that is needed. I personally think it is a great idea to have 2 % of my money in an investment that would have a better return. But we need to be careful here not the repeat the same mistake the Camelot group did and give the Democrats or even politician’s access to this money. If they were willing to insure that, then I really would support such a reform. Other wise there is no point in delaying the eventual outcome. The system will go broke, because of the lack of physical management of the funds. In some ways I am not so sure that has not already happened. Medicare has almost done the current system in already. As we have learned from Medicare- enough is NEVER enough for people in free healthcare.

So where do we go from here? Can we unite as group to fight the MSM and the Democrats for the needed reforms? Or do we decide to just to fight amongst ourselves as to what program we want to use and to fight for?

No I think the best plan is right before us, and our President has taken the courage and I don’t care attitude of what happens to my legacy. He has taken the lead in the so-called holy grail of politics "Social Security". But he faces strong opposition from not only Democrats- but uninformed groups such as the AARP- who think they are going to suffer massive cuts in the programs. The MSM just feeds gasoline to their fears. They just don't know and understand the pearls in which the program is in now. They have been fed years of misinformation from you know who.

So where do we go from here?

Thank you David for allowing this blogger the honor of being on your blog.


Wednesday, February 16, 2005


I picked up the following quote from Hobbsonline and Right Wing News carried it as well, I found this very disturbing. Thanks to them for the story.

"Nanny State UpdateLiberal bureaucrats who have long pushed for regulations designed to get people to drive more fuel-efficient cars are now whining that the more people drive fuel-efficient cars, the less gasoline tax revenue the state will get for building roads. And their proposed solution is a very, very, very bad idea It's a plan to put a government-monitored GPS system in every car for the purpose of tracking how many miles you drive, and when, and where, and then taxing you by the mile. The plan is the brainchild of some Nanny-State bureaucrats in Oregon and California, where liberal regulators who have long pushed for people to drive more fuel-efficient cars are now whining that the more people drive fuel-efficient cars, the less gasoline tax revenue the state will get.There's a simpler way to raise money to build roads, a way that doesn't have overtones of Big Brother, doesn't allow government to build a database of your travel habits, and doesn't invade your privacy - but has been proven to be a successful financing mechanism for roads.Toll roads."

Aside from the fact I don't need anyone to know how much I travel, and where I go the very thought of them being able to do this is wrong. There would be no privacy what so ever. They would be able to tell if you are at Mervyn's or Pep Boy's at anytime. They would be able to quite possibly record your private conversations, telephone calls, even what radio station you like.
All for the so-called innocent idea of "being able to collect taxes for the road use". Uh where have heard such similar idea's from LIBERALS, I have long since learned from liberals that there is no such thing as an innocent idea. They had the audacity to criticize John Ashcroft over the Homeland security measure's proposals? That was child’s play compared to this.

You know what really sad about this is that most people in California and Oregon will just let it happen with out a fight. I personally will watch what happens here in Texas, and if any crack pots come up with this idea, I will join a grass roots campaign to see it defeated by a landslide.
Just like they tried several years ago to make it mandatory for Texans to only get their cars inspected at GOVERNMENT approved places. We roused up to that idea and shot it down like a dead duck it was. They may have implemented the so-called clean air standards; but they did not get to have the GESTAPO inspect the cars. By the way the so-called clean air standards have had ZILCH affect on pollution standards. Kind of like the rest of their crack pot ideas as well, which are ZILCH for common sense.

Hugh Hewitt- Quote

Here is a quote from Hugh Hewitts blog for MSM:

"Here are the rules: Don't serially slander the military as assassins and torturers, and you can say whatever you want at Davos. Don't pass off obviously forged documents as super-"Scoops!" in the middle of a presidential election, and you can intone all the absurd "anchor" sayings you want. Don't cover for plagiarists, and you can be the off-the-cliff lefty editor for as long as you want. Don't say the memory of Christmas-Eve-in-Cambodia is "seared, seared" in your memory and then say "oops," you were mistaken, and folks won't question your credibility on other war-stories. Don't appear to endorse segregation, and you can be the Leader. These aren't high bars. Cross them."

Kind of say's it all does it not.....

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Maybe by that time it will be time for a change- Condi Rice

The American Thinker had an opinion on Condi Rice for President. I wrote an article about her running for President in 2008 and threw some support to the idea. But he has a different point of view. I personally don't agree with his thinking. Because by that time America may be ready for a change from the normal way of doing business by that time. In other words America maybe ready for someone who is not the normal POLITICAL hack. Maybe by that time we will be looking for a refreshing change in the so-called normal experience. Remember Abe Lincoln had very little experience when he was elected President, and he is considered one of our very best Presidents America has ever had.

So my thoughts are Condi is still viable candidate. And as far the race card comments made by American Thinker- well that dog don't hunt with me, if the person has the morals, ideally sound agenda (conservative), and willing to stick with those principles and idea's then they should be given consideration. For far to long we have played race, sex, and in some cases religion as liabilities instead of attributes. I am not advocating that religion should become a political football either-but history shows us that most leaders grounded in either Judeo Christian beliefs and even those in the Jewish faith have a far better track record of honesty, trust, and reliability in office than those who do not practice their faith. I try not to comment on Muslims because what I have seen from it has been very negative, and I know America would have a very hard time accepting anyone from that faith in anything but exit visas.

If we truly are going to continue to be the nation with freedom, and ideals; then we must be open to new people running the government. We have already been through 40 years of government being run by the "good ole boys" in Washington, and have seen the fruit of that folly. We also see them kicking and screaming about ANY change to the old and out dated way of thinking as well. If we are to move forward we then must be open to new idea's that are morally right, fair and progressive for all Americans. But I am afraid that with he current mind set in Washington is one of - no progress (we hate Bush), no change (it has worked for over 4o years this way and the only fix is tax increases), and finally on both sides just wind up screaming at one another and blaming each other.... yawn…

So by 2008 America very well maybe ready for a new change of leadership, one that is not "politically correct", and one that is not from the old school of "politics". But one that is totally new and different than anything in a long time.

In closing, it could never be anything as bad as Jimmy (the melees) Carter. Folks that was a very bad time to be an American in those days from 1976-1980. We surely don’t want 4-8 years of Hilarious.

So like I said Condi is still a viable choice, are we as a nation willing to consider such choice? Only time will tell.

Monday, February 14, 2005

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Feb.14,2005- Thoughts and Pundits.

My, My, My how the tables are turned on them and now they want to cry... The Dumocrats sure like to Dish it out- but they don't like it when you fight back... Quick somebody send them a bottle and a diaper... just like the less than two year old they are. Fredrick Forsyth had a book called "The Dogs of War" and on of the most memorable writtings in the book was "Cry Havoc, and Loose the Dogs of War"- William Shakespeare.I did not know it was a quote from William Shakespeare, but I agree let them loose and don't stop. sic em boy's.... See above!

I see that the MSM is crying about the all the blogs are attacking them. (gee wonder why that would happen after years of bias reporting and out and out lies by them.) It appears that the usual suspects (NYT, LATIMES, CNN ect...) are crying foul on the bloggers for not letting up in the Eason matter. If they had been doing their job it would have not been such a big deal. People are tired of them and their bias views. We have a long way to go before the mess is cleaned up completely. As for Eason- it appears he is guilty as charged; because as they said all along just release the tape- they have not- and with his track record about reporting things in Iraq acurately, I think that speaks in volumes. Thanks to David Limbaugh and Lashawn Barber for all the updates on the matter.

Barry (The Fraud) Bonds misterice said he had admitted using steroids to her. Uh what is a married man doing with a miserice in the first place? Second point is that even he denies it about admitting the use again- you know his word is about as reliable as his marriage vows are.
Third there is no doubt in my mind even before the allegations started he was using something to enhance his homerun total, no one goes from 30-35 homeruns a year to 60-70 in one years time. Mark Mcguire and Sammy Sosa have been pure homerun hitters all their careers and they built up to it, Bonds had not, and his records in the book should be erased because of all the cheating he did. And please don't tell Mcguire was using illegal steriods because he admitted using stuff from GNC. Big difference in over the counter generic stuff than what Bonds used.
To bad that he will pass the Babe- he (Bonds) is one ball player that least desreves it.
That is why he is a fraud.

Well the Texas Rangers start spring training in a few days. I just hope the young pitchers really start to come around this year. It will be hard for them to improve 18 games over last year. I would be really with them being 10 -15 over 500 and the young pitchers continue to improve.
Wish they would dump Chan Ho (out of the) Park.
I think the playoffs this year will look like this, East -Yanks, Central -Minnesota, West- Angles.
As for the NL East -Atlanta, Central -StLouis, West- Dodgers or Houston
Wild Cards will be Houston or Dodgers, and Boston or just maybe Texas (very long shot).
Worlds Series- be nice to see something like Houston and Minnesota with Houston winning it all.

Hockey- Both sides should be shot. But I blame the players most because of their GREED. Tell me how you make up lost millions when you play for a living? Stupidity at it's finest. The only thing stupider is listening to ALI TEDDI... Maybe the players will enjoy being popcorn vendors at the ballpark in Arlington...

Howard (The Screamer)Dean becomes DNC. Hearing Aid stocks would be a grreat investment if you are into stocks...

Had a great service in church last night, The Lord is good in all things.

Happy Valentines everyone.....

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Madame Condi Takes Charge !

It is so refreshing to someone take the lead in their job, really shine in what they do,and say.
Condi Rice is such a breath of fresh air in the realm of politics. She is not afraid to speak her mind. She is articulate, intelligent and honest above most politicians. I like the way she tells them the way it is and will not back down.

David Limbaugh has written an excellent essay on the speech she made to our good friends the French. (By good friends I mean they always either surrender or stab you in the back…) Here are some of the excerpts from that speech (taken from David’s site).
In proving we did the right thing in Iraq and Afghanistan to bring freedom to the region she said this.
“These examples demonstrate a basic truth -- the truth that human dignity is embodied in the free choice of individuals.”
Now as we know our Democratic Left has always opposed such liberty and justice. It goes against there theology that people should be free to decide the kind of government they should want. They also should have free elections to decide who is in that government. If the Democrats could have their way we would not have free election here in the US we would living like the paradise Cuba is today. They would make it where they are the only one’s in power. They never have got over the fact the American people said enough in 1994 after over 40 years in power. It part of the reason we are in the mess we are in now with all these social programs. As for our friends in Europe they usually are either up to their neck in illegal kickbacks or bribes- and it seems they can’t take stand on anything. But as we see Condi here; offers them a way out by getting on the right side of things.

“These achievements have only been possible because America and Europe have stood firm in the belief that the fundamental character of regimes cannot be separated from their external behavior. Borders between countries cannot be peaceful if tyrants destroy the peace of their societies from within. States where corruption, and chaos and cruelty reign invariably pose threats to their neighbors, threats to their regions, and potential threats to the entire international community.
Our work together has only begun. In our time we have an historic opportunity to shape a global balance of power that favors freedom -- and that will therefore deepen and extend the peace. And I use the word "power" broadly, because even more important than military and indeed economic power is the power of ideas, the power of compassion, and the power of hope.
I am here in Europe so that we can talk about how America and Europe can use the power of our partnership to advance our ideals worldwide. President Bush will continue our conversation when he arrives in Europe on February 21st. He is determined to strengthen transatlantic ties. As the President said in his recent Inaugural Address: "All that we seek to achieve in the world requires that America and Europe remain close partners."
I believe that our greatest achievements are yet to come. The challenges of a post-September-11 world are no less daunting than those challenges that we faced and that our forebears faced in the Cold War. The same bold vision, moral courage and determined leadership will be required if we are again to prevail over repression and intimidation and intolerance.
Our charge is clear: We on the right side of freedom's divide have an obligation to help those unlucky enough to have been born on the wrong side of that divide.”

Clearly concise and to the point, with no room for misinterpretation. That you now have a chance to redeem yourselves; the time is now to stop pacifying the tyrants and evil regimes in the world. Now is your chance to stand up and be on the right side of things again. From the sounds of it, they don’t even have to apologize for their greed and corruption. They don’t even have to return the money they gained from the rotten deals they made. And yet we still offer an olive branch for peace with them. Now will they take it? We shall wait and see. But history shows us that France and Germany have for far to long refused to be really good allies in anything except for taking our money.

Dr. Rice continues to show why she is more than capable to be Secretary of State. She has the grit and backbone, something of which her predecessor lacked at times. I constantly wondered weather he really wanted to be the Secretary of State for the Bush team. Some of his comments were truly perplexing at times. Often you had to wonder if he was more of an appeaser than a statesman with resolve. Dr. Rice I can assure you has no such lacking qualities at all. We saw it in the confirmation hearing when stood up to the bullies in the committee hearings and put them in their rightful place. By using simple intelligence that they never seem to completely grasp. I think some of them are still trying to figure out what truck hit them.

I sincerely hope and pray the Dr. Rice has long-range goals of reaching higher in the political forum. I would not have a problem in the world in electing her to the Whitehouse in 08 or 12. Certainly would be better than Hilarious.

Dr. Rice, it appears has no problems working inside the framework of our constitution. Something a lot of politicians have problems figuring out or they are trying to circumvent a simple document for political gain. (Brady, Waco, and Ruby Ridge let’s never forget the Elian either.) It time to turn America back to the simple plan the framers intended us to run our country. Just imagine the wealth we as citizens would really have if we just got rid of the entire cradle to the grave programs. Just imagine not having to work over 5months out the year paying for your federal taxes every year.

Can a leader like Dr. Condoleezza Rice help lead us back to those types of dreams? Well there has never been anything that has been able to stop this remarkable woman from doing anything in her life yet. In bibliography at the Hover Institution tells us a little about her academic achievements.

“Rice enrolled at the University of Denver at the age of 15, graduating at 19 with a bachelor's degree in political science (cum laude). She earned a master's degree at the University of Notre Dame and a doctorate degree from the University of Denver's Graduate School of International Studies. Both of her advanced degrees are also in political science.”

In closing maybe in 2008 we will be saying “ Madame President”, then the Democrats will really be having cows then….

Monday, February 07, 2005

Do we want to be like the French Army?

Yes you read right- do we really want to be like the French army. Only ours will be dressed in pretty pinky thongs for uniforms, complete with a squirt gun for weapons.

We all have heard the outrage by liberals about the language a General used in describing his thinking on war and the enemy.

I for one am tired of the constant two face liars of the MSM doing there damn best to destroy our military. We constantly see, hear them picking on any little thing they can find. Then we get 5-inch headlines about how bad our military is, and how bad they treat the enemy. Well excuse me Mr. or Ms journalist, when you are ready to put your body in the line fire and take bullets for your stories then you have something of a right to criticize my army, other wise SHUT UP.

These pansy face idiots should be lined up and shot. They have NO conception of what war is about. They think it is a Hollywood movie, where in the end everybody kisses and makes up. Only problem with that scenario is in real life that NEVER happens. The bad guys kills for real. The bad guy are the one’s that behead people for not believing the way they do. The bad guys are the one’s that don’t allow freedom of any kind. That includes you in the old media- what they do to you in appreciation for helping their cause is a nice bullet in the head if you are lucky. For too long now you people have lived in a political correctness fantasy and it is time too pop your bubble.

In War there are no such things as gentleman rules, some may think there are but I assure you that both sides will look for any advantage to win over the other. If they have to use tactics like shooting one in the back they will. If they have to sacrifice one soldier to save hundreds they will. The enemy loves to capture innocent people and have them executed in front camera’s, because they know you idiots will report how ghastly it was and how we must give up and run for the hills. You will even report if we would “just be nice to them” maybe they will leave us alone. We tried that for almost 20 years; how much longer and how many more lives do you want to jeopardize? Do you wish to volunteer to be the first in line for them to use? Just as I thought- you just want to run your mouths with no guts. Expect others to do it for you. But you want to complain, moan, groan and Bitch about the way the military conducts business. You want politically correct Generals that talk nice about the enemy. You want our soldiers to look like the French army with pinky thongs for uniforms. The only difference in that scenario is the French have pinky thongs and a big yellow streak down their backs.

I marvel that you people have ever used your brains for anything useful, besides crapping on your selves. Monday morning quarterbacks in War never win. Monday morning quarterbacks don’t even win in the game of life. Yet I marvel that you dare to print such trash and treason your papers and even speak it on the airways.

In the mean time, I want my soldiers, and generals to speak their minds in war. I want them to be the most bloodthirsty people that can be found. Because if they are not then, two things are going to happen.
A) They get killed in battle.
B) We lose the war.

Then we are no longer free people. I don’t care to see that in my lifetime and watch as an American.

I am open for any of you in MSM to leave this country, if you cannot support our troops, cannot support this President. Then it is time for you to leave. Cuba I am sure will welcome you with open arms. In the mean time if you have nothing good to say about Iraq, our military or even this President do us all a favor in America; just SHUT UP and stop writing anything at all.

Rambling and Thoughts

Now we are hearing the Dumocrats scream and rant about the cut's that are needed to help stop the deficit. I hope every last one of those programs get cut. We need less government. We also need less Liberals in government. I see on some liberal site about complaining about the cost of the war- wonder if anyone could help me come up with one for the cost of the "War on poverty" the Dumocrats invented back in the 60's. At last count is was well over 3.5 TRILLION dollars wasted away with no return and counting..... wonder what that cost per minute?

The Super Bowl was just ok.... Thought the Igles gave up in the last 5 minutes. The thought occured to me that the game was thrown at that point... I liked the Halftime show, but then again I happen to be huge fan of MACCA. I really like the way "Live and Let Die" was done. Of course "Hey Jude" was fun as well. Just wished it could have gone on a couple of more minutes.

Did you see Bubba? He looks like death warmed over in a microwave...

As for the comercials there were only a couple I really liked; Budwieser made some really good brownie points with the soldiers, the one about desinated driver....
The soldiers one must of have had Ali Teddi in an uproar.... ( How dare they praise our military...)( Of course he is a blithering idiot once again-- but not for this post.)

My family did a project this weekend we cleaned out the attic... made two trips to the dump and one trip to a donation store... Glad that's over.... ;>)

My Love bought me new sub woofer for family entertainment system for V Day... Thanks much Love.... I am going to get her something nice and some perfume she wants as well...

Short Post today will have some more comments later or tomorrow for sure. I want to really chew into Ali Teddi again....

That's it for now ..k

Thursday, February 03, 2005

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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Dumocrats Lair

If you really want to see a site that is so STUPID. These folks probably would jump off tall buildings head first if Teddy Kennedy, or Hilarious told them too.
I had heard about the site from others and took a look at it for my self. It really is not a joke site at all- but one would have to believe that there are a lot of people running around believing people like Michael Moore and John Kerry are missing from the kook farms. But what really got me was they had poll going up with something 56 out of 96 going for Dean as head of the DNC.
Hope he makes it- then it will be time for all of us to invest in hearing aid companies. Because a lot of people are going to become deaf listening to him screaming his commands all the time.
I find it so warped and unbeleivable that these people call themselves "enlighten" one's. you know they may have a point there... "enlighten" with so much foolishness that they can't find themselves in "Strawberry Fields" anymore....