Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Bill Cosby- A real shame

I was browsing on Lashawn Barbers site and noticed an article about Bill Cosby. I have genuinely liked this man for years now. I thought of the comedy and shows he has done has brought many hours of laughter and entertainment.
As we all know by now he has been accused of not only committing adultery, but drugging two women. Sounds a little far fetched to me. This is a man who lost one of his children to drugs several years ago- I personally think that this alone would make him think really hard about trying to drug someone. That does not by means makes him innocent or above the law. But I would like a little consideration towards maybe just maybe he would be innocent in something like this.
Celebrities still have yet to learn that while they are privilege in much of their doings and actions- but with that status comes great responsibility. That means that if you don't want the world to know about your sins- don't do it. If you don't want the world to know you cheated on your wife- don't do it. I don't care if you are Koby or Bill. Just don't do it.
It may well be that in both cases these women were looking for a payoff. But in Koby's case I find it awfully hard to convince me he did not do something wrong when the evidence against him was pretty bad. (Bloody T-shirt and evidence of forced anal sex.)

As for Cosby, well whatever the evidence against him has not come to full light as of yet. But it hardly matters any more because integrity and trust has been shattered. It is too bad too; because what he said about the Black culture was true. And could have been a real catalyst to help turn things around for them.

As for the double standard that liberals use against conservatives, well we have to be honest enough with ourselves and learn to live the way we talk. Our actions must be higher than theirs. We must never give them cause to even questions; our lives and actions. I don't claim to be perfect and will not try to saddle anyone with that monkey either. But like wise we can never accept behavior by them, like we did in the Clinton years.

With great gifts, comes with great responsibility. Our gift to our nation, churches, and families is to live as morally straight as we can. Does that mean we walk on water? No. But the point is that we must do our best to do the right thing.

I don't want to be known as someone who does not make mistakes, because I have many times.
But in the Cosby case it just to bad it happened at all. One would hope he gets the help he needs now. One would hope he will repent (turn around) and go another path instead of the course of destruction he is on right now. I don't know how he begins to repair the damage to his wife of many years. I know that I have made many stupid mistakes in life time with my wife, and have asked for forgiveness as well. But I try real hard not to make it again. Let’s hope he can begin by being honest with himself because if he can not then it is mute to try and be honest with another person.

We can only hope that we can learn from this tragedy, and move forward. I also hope that another Black man or woman will take the mantel and lead them to the road of true freedom and independence, which begins by making on your own merit. No by quotas or because you are of a particular race. Not living on government checks and handouts. That would be the road for true independence for the Black Americans.

That is something that people like Jesse Jackson and NAACP are afraid of, of Black Americans living free and independent of government and handouts and them.