Monday, February 07, 2005

Do we want to be like the French Army?

Yes you read right- do we really want to be like the French army. Only ours will be dressed in pretty pinky thongs for uniforms, complete with a squirt gun for weapons.

We all have heard the outrage by liberals about the language a General used in describing his thinking on war and the enemy.

I for one am tired of the constant two face liars of the MSM doing there damn best to destroy our military. We constantly see, hear them picking on any little thing they can find. Then we get 5-inch headlines about how bad our military is, and how bad they treat the enemy. Well excuse me Mr. or Ms journalist, when you are ready to put your body in the line fire and take bullets for your stories then you have something of a right to criticize my army, other wise SHUT UP.

These pansy face idiots should be lined up and shot. They have NO conception of what war is about. They think it is a Hollywood movie, where in the end everybody kisses and makes up. Only problem with that scenario is in real life that NEVER happens. The bad guys kills for real. The bad guy are the one’s that behead people for not believing the way they do. The bad guys are the one’s that don’t allow freedom of any kind. That includes you in the old media- what they do to you in appreciation for helping their cause is a nice bullet in the head if you are lucky. For too long now you people have lived in a political correctness fantasy and it is time too pop your bubble.

In War there are no such things as gentleman rules, some may think there are but I assure you that both sides will look for any advantage to win over the other. If they have to use tactics like shooting one in the back they will. If they have to sacrifice one soldier to save hundreds they will. The enemy loves to capture innocent people and have them executed in front camera’s, because they know you idiots will report how ghastly it was and how we must give up and run for the hills. You will even report if we would “just be nice to them” maybe they will leave us alone. We tried that for almost 20 years; how much longer and how many more lives do you want to jeopardize? Do you wish to volunteer to be the first in line for them to use? Just as I thought- you just want to run your mouths with no guts. Expect others to do it for you. But you want to complain, moan, groan and Bitch about the way the military conducts business. You want politically correct Generals that talk nice about the enemy. You want our soldiers to look like the French army with pinky thongs for uniforms. The only difference in that scenario is the French have pinky thongs and a big yellow streak down their backs.

I marvel that you people have ever used your brains for anything useful, besides crapping on your selves. Monday morning quarterbacks in War never win. Monday morning quarterbacks don’t even win in the game of life. Yet I marvel that you dare to print such trash and treason your papers and even speak it on the airways.

In the mean time, I want my soldiers, and generals to speak their minds in war. I want them to be the most bloodthirsty people that can be found. Because if they are not then, two things are going to happen.
A) They get killed in battle.
B) We lose the war.

Then we are no longer free people. I don’t care to see that in my lifetime and watch as an American.

I am open for any of you in MSM to leave this country, if you cannot support our troops, cannot support this President. Then it is time for you to leave. Cuba I am sure will welcome you with open arms. In the mean time if you have nothing good to say about Iraq, our military or even this President do us all a favor in America; just SHUT UP and stop writing anything at all.