Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Dumocrats Lair

If you really want to see a site that is so STUPID. These folks probably would jump off tall buildings head first if Teddy Kennedy, or Hilarious told them too.
I had heard about the site from others and took a look at it for my self. It really is not a joke site at all- but one would have to believe that there are a lot of people running around believing people like Michael Moore and John Kerry are missing from the kook farms. But what really got me was they had poll going up with something 56 out of 96 going for Dean as head of the DNC.
Hope he makes it- then it will be time for all of us to invest in hearing aid companies. Because a lot of people are going to become deaf listening to him screaming his commands all the time.
I find it so warped and unbeleivable that these people call themselves "enlighten" one's. you know they may have a point there... "enlighten" with so much foolishness that they can't find themselves in "Strawberry Fields" anymore....