Monday, February 14, 2005

Feb.14,2005- Thoughts and Pundits.

My, My, My how the tables are turned on them and now they want to cry... The Dumocrats sure like to Dish it out- but they don't like it when you fight back... Quick somebody send them a bottle and a diaper... just like the less than two year old they are. Fredrick Forsyth had a book called "The Dogs of War" and on of the most memorable writtings in the book was "Cry Havoc, and Loose the Dogs of War"- William Shakespeare.I did not know it was a quote from William Shakespeare, but I agree let them loose and don't stop. sic em boy's.... See above!

I see that the MSM is crying about the all the blogs are attacking them. (gee wonder why that would happen after years of bias reporting and out and out lies by them.) It appears that the usual suspects (NYT, LATIMES, CNN ect...) are crying foul on the bloggers for not letting up in the Eason matter. If they had been doing their job it would have not been such a big deal. People are tired of them and their bias views. We have a long way to go before the mess is cleaned up completely. As for Eason- it appears he is guilty as charged; because as they said all along just release the tape- they have not- and with his track record about reporting things in Iraq acurately, I think that speaks in volumes. Thanks to David Limbaugh and Lashawn Barber for all the updates on the matter.

Barry (The Fraud) Bonds misterice said he had admitted using steroids to her. Uh what is a married man doing with a miserice in the first place? Second point is that even he denies it about admitting the use again- you know his word is about as reliable as his marriage vows are.
Third there is no doubt in my mind even before the allegations started he was using something to enhance his homerun total, no one goes from 30-35 homeruns a year to 60-70 in one years time. Mark Mcguire and Sammy Sosa have been pure homerun hitters all their careers and they built up to it, Bonds had not, and his records in the book should be erased because of all the cheating he did. And please don't tell Mcguire was using illegal steriods because he admitted using stuff from GNC. Big difference in over the counter generic stuff than what Bonds used.
To bad that he will pass the Babe- he (Bonds) is one ball player that least desreves it.
That is why he is a fraud.

Well the Texas Rangers start spring training in a few days. I just hope the young pitchers really start to come around this year. It will be hard for them to improve 18 games over last year. I would be really with them being 10 -15 over 500 and the young pitchers continue to improve.
Wish they would dump Chan Ho (out of the) Park.
I think the playoffs this year will look like this, East -Yanks, Central -Minnesota, West- Angles.
As for the NL East -Atlanta, Central -StLouis, West- Dodgers or Houston
Wild Cards will be Houston or Dodgers, and Boston or just maybe Texas (very long shot).
Worlds Series- be nice to see something like Houston and Minnesota with Houston winning it all.

Hockey- Both sides should be shot. But I blame the players most because of their GREED. Tell me how you make up lost millions when you play for a living? Stupidity at it's finest. The only thing stupider is listening to ALI TEDDI... Maybe the players will enjoy being popcorn vendors at the ballpark in Arlington...

Howard (The Screamer)Dean becomes DNC. Hearing Aid stocks would be a grreat investment if you are into stocks...

Had a great service in church last night, The Lord is good in all things.

Happy Valentines everyone.....