Friday, February 25, 2005

Friday-Current Events 2-25-2005

Marine still being investigated for killing insurgents in Iraq. After telling them to stop- and they disobeyed he shot them as they were running towards a house that Marines had found guns and bombs in.
My personal take on this is "You cannot run a Politically Correct War" and something tells me the disgruntled Sergeant has a problem with authority in the military. Which means to me he should be corrected and taken down. Besides this story broke out of the NY Times and we all know how reliable and bias they are....
Grass root campaign has started to let the uppers in the Military know how we as citizens feel about this sham of trying to run a war on "POLITICAL CORRECTNESS". It is INSANE. Here is a link for more information and the officers are pleading for calm in this case.
Be glad to let up on them, once they drop these ridiculous charges and let this Marine go back to work.

I hate it when I read stories about cops using a little bit of excessive force. Besides the man was upset and wanted to get help for the dieing dog. I might have done the same thing. In fact I have tried to help injured animals many times. I have stop and drug huge dead pigs off the road to prevent accidents, done the same for deer as well.
To me this was a classic class of excessive force- and probably will not be settled with out a lawsuit. But you know the cops responsible set themselves up for it. I can still hear the Sergeant that I took a Citizens police course from a couple of years back. "Be darn sure you need to use excessive force- because if you hurt the wrong person- it can cost you your job, career and a lot money that the police department can ill afford to loose." Kinds of sums it up.

I browsed on the Right Thinking Girl site and found a piece on "Illegal Immigrant Sex Offenders Unfairly Targeted by Illegal Immigrant Sex Offender Laws" you can read the whole thing by clicking on the link. My thoughts are just exactly like hers. Mine would take it one-step further that if you commit the crime here, you will be doing the time here and then deported. If you kill an officer we are going to fry you here- I don't care what country you are from- you will pay for the crime here. And as for the ACLU trying to get you off- as far as I am concern they should fry with you. I have no use for an organization that make a mockery of our justice system.
Nuff said...

Found this item about the Comedy News Network failure to carry a diplomat’s news conference in Slovakia. It seems that they left out the reports of all the bad things that Saddam Hussein did to his own people in their reports (SURPRISE!!!). This is why the people in Europe have been misled with reports of "American Aggression" and "Hostile Take Over". Kind of hard to say you are not bias when you leave out reports of mass genocide, and using WMD on his own people. Not mention the Rape rooms and Torture Cells. Depend on the News from the Comedy News Network- "we report what we want too- and the rest you of can go to hell"....
Thank you Captain Ed for the reports of the real truth and what is happening over there.

Some people want Texas to secede from the Union- I think the term fruitcake would be appropriate here that is for sure. While in many ways it sound good- but in today’s world it would never work anyhow. Besides Washington gotta have some Texans up there to give them a little common sense once in a while. I at one time entertained such a thought- because I was angry at some Yankee's doing something to our natural gas down here- wanted them to freeze up there instead of us supplying them. But I forget now what they did to make me mad anyhow. No sense in starting another cival wah over thet anyhow....

New TV show offends the Catholic Church. No it is not about the priest molesting children. It is about the show flushing down the toilet Communion Wafers, and giving communion to non-Catholics. Seems to me the church has a lot more problems with image than this. But I also don't want trash TV distorting the beliefs of any denomination either. Any way read about it here.

This story goes along with an essay I wrote earlier in the week about Bill Cosby. Just goes to show you that Blacks are beginning to take notice of people like Lashawn Barber and Walter Williams after all. I for one applaud this for the Black people, for far too long these folks have been made into Black leaders of repute.... I would say after this conference it was a bad day not only for them, but for the Dumocrats as well.

Thaaaaat allll Folks; Have a Great Weekend