Thursday, February 10, 2005

Madame Condi Takes Charge !

It is so refreshing to someone take the lead in their job, really shine in what they do,and say.
Condi Rice is such a breath of fresh air in the realm of politics. She is not afraid to speak her mind. She is articulate, intelligent and honest above most politicians. I like the way she tells them the way it is and will not back down.

David Limbaugh has written an excellent essay on the speech she made to our good friends the French. (By good friends I mean they always either surrender or stab you in the back…) Here are some of the excerpts from that speech (taken from David’s site).
In proving we did the right thing in Iraq and Afghanistan to bring freedom to the region she said this.
“These examples demonstrate a basic truth -- the truth that human dignity is embodied in the free choice of individuals.”
Now as we know our Democratic Left has always opposed such liberty and justice. It goes against there theology that people should be free to decide the kind of government they should want. They also should have free elections to decide who is in that government. If the Democrats could have their way we would not have free election here in the US we would living like the paradise Cuba is today. They would make it where they are the only one’s in power. They never have got over the fact the American people said enough in 1994 after over 40 years in power. It part of the reason we are in the mess we are in now with all these social programs. As for our friends in Europe they usually are either up to their neck in illegal kickbacks or bribes- and it seems they can’t take stand on anything. But as we see Condi here; offers them a way out by getting on the right side of things.

“These achievements have only been possible because America and Europe have stood firm in the belief that the fundamental character of regimes cannot be separated from their external behavior. Borders between countries cannot be peaceful if tyrants destroy the peace of their societies from within. States where corruption, and chaos and cruelty reign invariably pose threats to their neighbors, threats to their regions, and potential threats to the entire international community.
Our work together has only begun. In our time we have an historic opportunity to shape a global balance of power that favors freedom -- and that will therefore deepen and extend the peace. And I use the word "power" broadly, because even more important than military and indeed economic power is the power of ideas, the power of compassion, and the power of hope.
I am here in Europe so that we can talk about how America and Europe can use the power of our partnership to advance our ideals worldwide. President Bush will continue our conversation when he arrives in Europe on February 21st. He is determined to strengthen transatlantic ties. As the President said in his recent Inaugural Address: "All that we seek to achieve in the world requires that America and Europe remain close partners."
I believe that our greatest achievements are yet to come. The challenges of a post-September-11 world are no less daunting than those challenges that we faced and that our forebears faced in the Cold War. The same bold vision, moral courage and determined leadership will be required if we are again to prevail over repression and intimidation and intolerance.
Our charge is clear: We on the right side of freedom's divide have an obligation to help those unlucky enough to have been born on the wrong side of that divide.”

Clearly concise and to the point, with no room for misinterpretation. That you now have a chance to redeem yourselves; the time is now to stop pacifying the tyrants and evil regimes in the world. Now is your chance to stand up and be on the right side of things again. From the sounds of it, they don’t even have to apologize for their greed and corruption. They don’t even have to return the money they gained from the rotten deals they made. And yet we still offer an olive branch for peace with them. Now will they take it? We shall wait and see. But history shows us that France and Germany have for far to long refused to be really good allies in anything except for taking our money.

Dr. Rice continues to show why she is more than capable to be Secretary of State. She has the grit and backbone, something of which her predecessor lacked at times. I constantly wondered weather he really wanted to be the Secretary of State for the Bush team. Some of his comments were truly perplexing at times. Often you had to wonder if he was more of an appeaser than a statesman with resolve. Dr. Rice I can assure you has no such lacking qualities at all. We saw it in the confirmation hearing when stood up to the bullies in the committee hearings and put them in their rightful place. By using simple intelligence that they never seem to completely grasp. I think some of them are still trying to figure out what truck hit them.

I sincerely hope and pray the Dr. Rice has long-range goals of reaching higher in the political forum. I would not have a problem in the world in electing her to the Whitehouse in 08 or 12. Certainly would be better than Hilarious.

Dr. Rice, it appears has no problems working inside the framework of our constitution. Something a lot of politicians have problems figuring out or they are trying to circumvent a simple document for political gain. (Brady, Waco, and Ruby Ridge let’s never forget the Elian either.) It time to turn America back to the simple plan the framers intended us to run our country. Just imagine the wealth we as citizens would really have if we just got rid of the entire cradle to the grave programs. Just imagine not having to work over 5months out the year paying for your federal taxes every year.

Can a leader like Dr. Condoleezza Rice help lead us back to those types of dreams? Well there has never been anything that has been able to stop this remarkable woman from doing anything in her life yet. In bibliography at the Hover Institution tells us a little about her academic achievements.

“Rice enrolled at the University of Denver at the age of 15, graduating at 19 with a bachelor's degree in political science (cum laude). She earned a master's degree at the University of Notre Dame and a doctorate degree from the University of Denver's Graduate School of International Studies. Both of her advanced degrees are also in political science.”

In closing maybe in 2008 we will be saying “ Madame President”, then the Democrats will really be having cows then….