Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Maybe by that time it will be time for a change- Condi Rice

The American Thinker had an opinion on Condi Rice for President. I wrote an article about her running for President in 2008 and threw some support to the idea. But he has a different point of view. I personally don't agree with his thinking. Because by that time America may be ready for a change from the normal way of doing business by that time. In other words America maybe ready for someone who is not the normal POLITICAL hack. Maybe by that time we will be looking for a refreshing change in the so-called normal experience. Remember Abe Lincoln had very little experience when he was elected President, and he is considered one of our very best Presidents America has ever had.

So my thoughts are Condi is still viable candidate. And as far the race card comments made by American Thinker- well that dog don't hunt with me, if the person has the morals, ideally sound agenda (conservative), and willing to stick with those principles and idea's then they should be given consideration. For far to long we have played race, sex, and in some cases religion as liabilities instead of attributes. I am not advocating that religion should become a political football either-but history shows us that most leaders grounded in either Judeo Christian beliefs and even those in the Jewish faith have a far better track record of honesty, trust, and reliability in office than those who do not practice their faith. I try not to comment on Muslims because what I have seen from it has been very negative, and I know America would have a very hard time accepting anyone from that faith in anything but exit visas.

If we truly are going to continue to be the nation with freedom, and ideals; then we must be open to new people running the government. We have already been through 40 years of government being run by the "good ole boys" in Washington, and have seen the fruit of that folly. We also see them kicking and screaming about ANY change to the old and out dated way of thinking as well. If we are to move forward we then must be open to new idea's that are morally right, fair and progressive for all Americans. But I am afraid that with he current mind set in Washington is one of - no progress (we hate Bush), no change (it has worked for over 4o years this way and the only fix is tax increases), and finally on both sides just wind up screaming at one another and blaming each other.... yawn…

So by 2008 America very well maybe ready for a new change of leadership, one that is not "politically correct", and one that is not from the old school of "politics". But one that is totally new and different than anything in a long time.

In closing, it could never be anything as bad as Jimmy (the melees) Carter. Folks that was a very bad time to be an American in those days from 1976-1980. We surely don’t want 4-8 years of Hilarious.

So like I said Condi is still a viable choice, are we as a nation willing to consider such choice? Only time will tell.