Thursday, February 17, 2005

Social Security- A benifit or A burden?

This morning on my way to work, I was listening to the Wall Street Journal report on XM radio. They had a story on their show saying that a poll by them and NBC showed the Presidents support for Social Security reform was down to 40%. That showed a figure down by 6% from pre-election support.

Personally I feel that most polls are rigged to reflect whatever the polltakers want it too. So if you want to show people are not in favor of something just take poll and you get the numbers you want eventually. Kind of like pick the people that gave you the answers you wanted- then throw in a few for the other side.

We all know that the MSM has for years pushed and connived stories to push the liberal agenda. This is no different on the SS reform. The Democrats are loosing the war on their liberal agenda more and more everyday. This was their bastion; this is their brainchild they have saddled us with since the 1940’s. This where the idea of “Social” for government provision came from. It was their door opening to allow the government in to the management of people’s lives. People were sold on this idea that if they would contribute to this fund, it would take care of them in retirement years. Back when it started- it was something like 20 workers working and contributing to the fund to the 1 that was taking from the fund. It was also a separate fund AWAY from the general fund, and it was not ever suppose to go there. Today that ratio is down to maybe 3 to 1. How did this happen?

Along came the Camelot Whitehouse of the 60’s. From this Whitehouse we saw several things. We got into a war that General Macarthur told us to stay out of back in the late 40’s. We also had government expansion dramatically as well. But the biggest thing that happened was that although JFK got the biggest tax relief passed for Americans at that time it came with a price. The government apparently at the time was starting to run short on funds. So they saw this big pile of money over in the SS fund, just sitting there. Well it was too much temptation to the Democrats; they decided to include the SS fund into the General fund. So guess what now they not only made up the shortage- they had a whole bunch of money to play with and create more “Social” programs with it. Usher in the “war on poverty” programs. Which needless to say has been a dismal failure from the start. But that is for another topic, another day.

So now SS is in trouble. The President told us this in State of the Union address this year.
Now that brings us to where we are today.

I wrote David Limbaugh an email telling him what I heard and learned this morning. You can read it (my apologies for not proof reading a little better- I was here at work and had a phone call, I work in a call center,and clicked send without proof reading first.) here.

“David, I know where you stand with SS and all but, I heard an incredible report on the WJ report this morning on my way to work. It said in a new poll by them and NBC that support for the President reform is down to 40%.
Now as far polls go I think most are rigged to read the way they want them too.
I am wondering if it is not time for bloggers to start a grass roots effort to get this reform through. I have maybe 18- 20 years left in the work force. I would like SS to be there for me and my wife. We have both contributed to this fund for all out working life. And yes we are and have made plans for our retirement with out SS. In fact both of us have believed it would not be there for us because by that time the TAX will be to high and people just will not work if the taxes are to high. SS was crewed up by the Camelot group in the 60's when they said lets put the funds in the general fund. Of course you know as well I do, Democrats have never been able to stop them selves with spending other peoples money, especially when they have new money they never were suppose touch in the first place....
We are already are working 5 mos out the year to pay our taxes now.
By the way that report said American would support "modest" tax increases to fun SS? Wonder where they took that poll? Down in Broward county in FL?
Any way any suggestions as to what or how to proceed from here? My little blog just does not reach enough folks to really get a message out.
I will be posting something on it today though.
Thanks, Keith

Again forgive me for the errors above.

He was kind enough to publish my email and my site. But most importantly he has given us bloggers a challenge. A sort of call to arms. While he does not want to endorse or lead in any efforts, he has pointed out marvelously that the power of bloggers can change and move things in the right direction.

Today we have to ask ourselves a very important question. That is this. Now that we have this huge MONSTER called Social Security and Medicare, and to leave it as it is now. Will not only be irresponsible, but flat out wrong to the future of America. It will burden the younger generation needlessly with a program that could have been fixed. And quite frankly I don’t see them wanting to support a bunch of old people- with huge medical bills and so forth anyway. The Democrats continue to resist any change in the program, except for TAX increases. I don’t know about you but I work 5 months out of the year just pay for my TAX bill as it is. It is inexcusable to continue stonewalling, crying and just out and out acting like 4 year olds to politicize this issue any longer.

If we are as nation are going to have such a program, then lets fix it now. If not then begin the painful process of eliminating it. But the time to take action is now. We cannot wait until the 11:00 hour in 2026 to do something.

So what I propose is lets use our blogs to start a grassroots effort, to get the reform that is needed. I personally think it is a great idea to have 2 % of my money in an investment that would have a better return. But we need to be careful here not the repeat the same mistake the Camelot group did and give the Democrats or even politician’s access to this money. If they were willing to insure that, then I really would support such a reform. Other wise there is no point in delaying the eventual outcome. The system will go broke, because of the lack of physical management of the funds. In some ways I am not so sure that has not already happened. Medicare has almost done the current system in already. As we have learned from Medicare- enough is NEVER enough for people in free healthcare.

So where do we go from here? Can we unite as group to fight the MSM and the Democrats for the needed reforms? Or do we decide to just to fight amongst ourselves as to what program we want to use and to fight for?

No I think the best plan is right before us, and our President has taken the courage and I don’t care attitude of what happens to my legacy. He has taken the lead in the so-called holy grail of politics "Social Security". But he faces strong opposition from not only Democrats- but uninformed groups such as the AARP- who think they are going to suffer massive cuts in the programs. The MSM just feeds gasoline to their fears. They just don't know and understand the pearls in which the program is in now. They have been fed years of misinformation from you know who.

So where do we go from here?

Thank you David for allowing this blogger the honor of being on your blog.