Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Tuesday Thoughts and Pundits

I was browsing around on net and always like to look and see what Detroit Moter City Mad Man- Ted Nugent is up to. Found some lyrics to a song that sounds cool- just wonder what the music sounds like? Here are the lyrics from his site.
Stand lyrics
"I don't need John Kerry to wipe my ass, don't need Ted Kennedy to spill my glass,
Al Not So Sharpton is a horses ass, redistribution is a fkn laugh.
Ch-I don't need nobody to hold my hand, don't need nobody, I can stand.
Make it on my own in a Rock-n-Roll band, kiss my American ass I'm a Republican.
V2-ya say you're friends with Michael Moore. Then you are friends with pimps & whores,
The 2nd Amendment aint about no sport, no right to self defense in a Kerry court.
Ch- Brdg-You don't think I'm taxed enuf, well I'm ready to call your bluff.
Pimps & whores & welfare brats, too much gvt way too fat. "
If it goes to the beat of Stranglehold I can jam to that...
Speaks in Volumes about the way I feel about those idiots.....

Musing Minds Kim said they now have FOX NEWS!!! This is great news for the folks up in Canada land. At one time they were stuck with ultra liberal state news and CNN. Which we all know about the "Comedy News Network", the only thing missing is AL Franken and his staff of monkey writers....

It seems so sad to watch this struggle with Terri Schiavo. The parents want to let her live- and the husband wants to kill her. Seems to me the sensible thing to do, would be for him to divorce her- since he has already committed adultery. Then allow her parents to decide what is best for her at that point. Besides something tells me he wants her dead because of something he did?
If he has done nothing- then why put so many through hell..... The family will be in prayers.

Well it is official- the NHL has managed to kill the season. Really can you really feel sorry for these Millionaire players? Even in abject poverty in the NHL you make in the hundreds of thousands dollars....Are you sure Latrell Sprewell was not at the negotiating table for the players? This was the clown that said he could not "afford" to feed his family on 14 MILLION dollars? What kind of drugs is this guy doing? What kind are the NHL players doing now?
The average ticket here in Dallas is around $50 a game- like a family of 4 can afford to go to 41 games a year. Mark Cuban I am not. So as far as I am concern let the players go get a real job some place and work for a few dollars an hour. IDIOTS.

Don't even think about starting a Pro Hockey league again without a salary cap, and refine some of the rules to go back to old time hockey. For example make goalies wear padding that is not so big that it covers the net.

Looks like the guy who was the Father of an unborn child killed his lover and her son. The guy deserves the specials in this case. To many of these sense less killings and with the good old boy's at the ACLU this will drag things out on punishment. It will take the state Millions to execute this lowlife. All because the ACLU likes to make a mockery of the criminal justice system. Average wait time on death row now is about 15 years giving or take year or so.
I always thought the best thing that could happen is that when these judges and the ACLU that get reprieves for these wonderful people, then they should make them come live with them at their expense and comfort of their home and family. Of course if anything were to happen to them- well just try to tell that to someone who cares like the original victims families they just slapped in the face.
Of course it's lunacy to allow the ACLU to do what it has done to the system like it has anyway.... So do we need more liberal activist judges out there?

I see that the Fraud made it to camp. (What for?) He evaded questions about his steroid use. Is there any doubt in any ones mind now?
"He called reporters liars, and pointed to problems in the world he considers much more important than steroids, such as alcoholism and drug abuse."
I don't believe for a minute that this guy has any credibility left in him. He would have been better to retire and ride off in the sunset. Steroids and a mistress. Really now- any questions at all?
Randy Galloway a columnist here in Dallas area, has called Deion Sanders a fraud when he played in the NFL- I am afraid that Deion was the real thing Randy cause the guy out in San Francisco is a bigger fraud....

Well that's all for today, have a great week everyone.

UPDATE: Kim sent men an email correcting me that it was Jeff who just got Fox News. Sorry for the error. Congratualtions Jeff and as Rush always say's Welcome Home.