Thursday, March 31, 2005

May God Have Mercy On Us in America

Terri Shiavo-1964-2005

This morning the end came to the senseless barbaric murder of an innocent human being. Her crime? Marrying Michael Shiavo and believing that he would be there through sickness and health. Trusting him to do the right thing in regards to her health and well-being. Trusting him to remain faithful in their vows- that means not having two wives. That also means not sell her life for an insurance settlement. Not end her life because she was such burden to care for.

One would think Terri would have wanted her parents and family that really loved her with her in the end. In the end Michael denied that not only to her family but to Terri as well. Michael in the end showed just cruel and vindictive he really is. Showed his true colors of sociopath murderer he is. Cold and calculating, brutal and uncaring. He is no different than Scott Peterson, and even Ted Bundy for that matter. He has sold his soul for gains that are only temporary. He will no doubt have plenty of money to bury the guilt he has. He has fame, and will be able to write a book about his side of things. Maybe he should title it “How to legally Murder your Wife “. Should be monumental NY Times bestseller. People will buy it because they are infatuated about DEATH. They no doubt will want pointers, how to get rid of problems, such as old age, terminal illness, and invalid persons or just plain tired of them period.

As for the Judiciary they must have left out common sense 101 in law school. Anyone with even an IQ 10 knows the laws should be a guideline for society. But for the law to apply correctly and fairly requires common sense. I dare say that anyone with a wit of common sense in this case would have had to ask for more proof, then words of one man, 7 long years and a settlement of over MILLION dollars before making the allegations that Terri did not want to live this way. Anyone would have to realize to apply law to an innocent person that cannot speak for herself is nothing short of plain stupidity and an out of control court. One would have thought to believe that most judges are not callous and barbaric and a have complete disregard for human life. But we have now learned that this is in deed not to be the truth at all. I have said that in the last two weeks these MEN IN BLACK have proclaimed themselves as GODS. All knowing, all supreme, and they answer to NO ONE in this life. But they will in the next one- and all I say WOE UNTO THEM.
This case was a prime example of why we cannot allow activist judges on the bench. Republican, Dimicrat, or even libertarians. We NEED judges that follow the constitutional duty that has been given to them-, which is to interpret, not legislate from the bench. In this case I marvel at the stupidity, callous, uncaring, and yet even in some cases blatant disregard for a human being, much less families. The wheels of justice in Terri Shiavo’s life were a sham. We may never know all the payoffs, favors that went into this case to murder this woman in this life, but I can tell you this we will know all on Judgment day.

I commend the lawyers on the Schlinders side of the case; they tried their very best right up to the end. There was some sort of a report that they made a mistake in the beginning of this saga. We are human. But if you tell me that a mistake cost this woman her life, you had better think long and hard about that- because there was more than ample time to not correct it, but the courts should have demanded it be done. But when the courts are on a path to deliberately murder someone, again we saw the enormous amount of POWER given to them to do so. They shirked any responsibility or civility in this case. They are trying to HIDE behind the LAW. NOWHERE IN OUR LAW IS IT GIVEN TO THE COURTS TO DECIDE LIFE AND DEATH TO AN INNOCENT HUMAN BEING.
You want to say this was a family dispute and the courts should not be involved at all.
You are correct in this assessment, but unfortunately not all of the family agreed to end Terri Shiavo life. Only one person, her adulterous, polygamist-practicing husband. What is so profound about this is that because he taken another woman as wife they took no thought to ask themselves if Terri would have been ok with this. Not one judge took a look at the fact that Michael Shiavo should have been barred from ANY care or custody of his wife or ex-wife- if we are talking about the FINE print of marriage and the LAW. We know Michaels true intent was to keep the money for him self. Greed on Michaels part is what drove him to kill her.

Judge Greer will always be known now through out the rest of natural history, as the DEATH judge to innocent people. Maybe he has only two notches in his belt- but that too many for me. He will have to live with his miserable old self. Never once did he visit Terri to get a first hand look at things for him self. Relied on ONE doctor to given an opinion. Never would listen to 33 more that disputed this so called doctor. By the way the doctor that gave him the opinion is a DEATH advocate-, which means he is in favor of putting people like Terri to death. He believes that such ones like Terri are of no value to the human race and therefore should be exterminated. He would have been right at home in Germany in the 1930’s and 40’s. MEN IN BLACK all knowing, all powerful, answers to NO ONE.

Finally we take a look at the executive and congressional branch of our government. If you have ever read the constitution at all. It is pretty clear that the courts are supposed to be the weakest link in our system. At least at the Federal level this is the way things are suppose to be. But who knows about Florida- this is the same state that it’s supreme court tried to legislate from the bench in the 2000 elections. The very same court that the Supreme Court of the land rebuked as being incompetent- lived up its reputation of being incompetent and totally useless in the matters of law. What can you expect from a bunch of liberals sitting on the court.
Governor Bush failed to act as a leader. Failed his duties as the head of the state to intervene on behalf of Terri. People say he had no legal power to do so, uh excuse me if felt as strongly as he said he did, then as Governor he should have used executive privilege and step on Judge Greer like June bug. You can’t tell me that a governor cannot take control of a situation of where another person life is in jeopardy, and use all the powers of the state to rescue Terri. He would be impeached- maybe so but he would not have the blood of an innocent person on his hands. Besides I have feeling that if the Governor had taken this initiative the people of Florida would have demanded the legislators not to impeach. The state legislators should be really be happy know that her blood is on them as well for not impeaching Judge Greer in an emergency session. No that would have meant any Golf days or chasing skirts. They can rest easy tonight and drown themselves in alcohol or the drug of their choice to try and forget the miscarriage of justice on their part. As for the liberals involved they lost conscience years ago when they sanctioned murder to living babies and fetuses. So they have nothing to worry about, until Judgment day. Yes the courts and liberals will have a lot to answer for on that day.

In closing if anyone thinks that starvation and to deprive someone of water is a humane way to kill someone. If you think it is so peaceful, and painless then may I suggest we start this new method for the criminally insane. I mean lets face it, no needles, no loss of energy in electrocution, and no gas chamber. They sit in their cell and slowly just die from this newfound way to put people to death. No appeals based on cruel and inhumane punishment- cause IT IS painless and you just fall to sleep as the courts just ruled. Just think we will have to no more appeals for 20 years because this is a humane way to put people to death according to the courts. This of course will never happen, because the criminally insane have more “rights” then the victims or the innocent. With hypocrite lawyers like Gelos around he will see too it that they have full course of due process. Unlike Terri Shiavo, she of course was invalid, and her husband wanted her dead so where was her due process- oh that’s right she does not need any because she is invalid. Wonder where Gelos and Michael will party to night?

Mercifully she has gone home to be with Lord now. Gone to another life. She will be missed by her family that loved her, and her true friends that cared. She put up a good fight long fight but in the end the MEN IN BLACK killed her. I pray that she now is able to live in peace.

As for Michael Shiavo, well he will continue to live her on earth. Rich and comfortable. But I wonder how this man can even look at himself in the mirror anymore. He sold his soul for so little. Killed his wife for so little. One wonders how he can live with the guilt. My guess is he is in for a lot torment in the days and years to come until he comes to his end. Who knows God may have a sense of humor and give him a chance at dieing peacefully like Terri. The Bibles does say you reap what you sow.
Mercifully he can’t hurt Terri anymore. Thank goodness it is over, until Judgment day.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Amerika- Changing the way the life ought to be.


We can now celebrate in Amerika. Yes that right it is the new Amerika. We soon will have the FINAL SOLUTION to all our problems in complex medical care. The stage has been set and the executioners are in place. Reports from the high command that when the first case is completed. The process should then be flawless, no more complications in swift judgment. The new legal way to get rid of burdens, undesirables, invalids, terminally ill, or even just plain inconvenience is to STARVE them to death. It is painless, and sure method of success 100%. High command reports that new places for such cases will be built in Floruka. We welcome all cases from other parts of Amerika, so please bring your burdens to us- we will take care of everything. Our judges are qualified and extremely insensitive to human garbage- excuse me- life of course. They will grant no appeals to anyone for any reason, at anytime. New evidence- impossible- we hear no evidence on anything. Judge Greer is our top executor on the bench. All fear him. He is really known as the DEATH judge. Cost you say? No cost starving people is cheap. What if you change your mind- to bad no refunds on started projects. Once the process has started we see to its completion 100 % of the time.

Need help in finding a Dr. to qualify your case – no problem we have several to choose from. We are working diligently to get Dr. Jack Korvorkian on our staff as soon as possible. We are sad to report that Dr. Mengal is no longer with us to help us he is kind of busy burning up in Hell with Adolph and Herman at this time. But have no fear we have plenty of “scientist” that willing to take his place in the expertise of mangling and butchering if that is your style- oh excuse me- wishes. We are not choosey in who we STARVE- we want you to know we follow strict adherence to Federal equality laws.

Nurses are your concern? We have the best; Michael Shiavo is on our staff full time, fully qualified in spousal murder, mayhem and torture. Even has real life experience, and has been given an honorary degree by Judge Greer for outstanding work.
Welcome to the new Amerika- where we are just beginning to change how ought to be.

Far fetch you think. Well with Terri Shiavo case it has opened the doors for such barbaric practices. Remember the Third Reich began with a simple idea to bring Germany back into a world power again. The other ideas came later- and they accepted them when they found it was effective, and solved the burden of Germany having to feed these people. So think about it this weekend. Think about what kind of a box have we opened that has far-reaching repercussions. What better way can you think of getting rid of the problem with Social Security and Medicare going broke? What more effective way can you come up with to save the system, and better yet save money for the future? Just think it could be only a matter of time when Congress can pass an act to say the longest you can live- is so long as you a valid contributor to the work force, and state. It would be so easy to pass with this bunch of activist judges on the bench.

Congress has effectively managed now to shirk its duties and violated the very document they are sworn to protect. All because they are afraid of the GODS in Black they have allowed, and created a lot of monsters for themselves. Nuff Said.

We have been hearing rumors that the MSM sports writers are now saying that the Frauds (Barry Fraud the Bonds) records in baseball are legitimate. Since when is any record considered legitimate when they cheat? But I guess since we are allowing judges to starve people to death, then what is any record or morality to mean anything anymore? Kind of pointless in even keeping records anymore, causes you know someone is going to come along with a way to cheat and lie to get break it. Who knows maybe Judge Greer will accept a part time job as official litigator in baseball records, last I heard his eraser was working overtime… If you don’t like what he puts down- well you can always visit him during regular business hours in his courtroom. He is sure to address your concerns and make sure the solution is final.

I t is kind of hard to write much more today. This is a very sad day in American history. Never in my life did I think I would live to see legalize murder of living adult human beings that were not criminally insane, or just plain mean and with no soul to them. I have seen and experience a lot in my short 47+ years here on earth. I have seen many of the first for man in good things such moon walks, space travel and many break throughs in science. I have seen abortion become a legal means to kill living fetuses. I have seen man break speed records. I have seen the greatest fighters, golfers and some of the very best football ever played.

I have hunted and fish over a lot of Texas in my lifetime. I have seen the wonderful sunrise in the deep woods, and seen nature wake for another day. I have sat in a blind for hours just watching and waiting. Some times seeing nothing but a doe and fawn, or squirrels that drove me crazy. I have seen Puma’s as black as midnight, the rare red fox twice in my lifetime. I have hiked for miles and camp where I stopped for night. I left no trace that I had even been there. I have watched boy’s shoot a gun for the first time in their life, and watch them improve each time they go and shoot. I have tried to help my fellow man even in times when I know I should not-because I would rather err on the side of trying, in hope I had done the right thing.

I have had to bury many of my favorite dogs. I have had to put down a few too. I have had to watch lady I loved so very much suffer from the affects of Alzheimer’s dieses, and the affects of a major stroke for a year. She made a courageous come back from the stroke to be with us another year- only in the end she was so tired and miserable I asked God to please take home. He did two weeks later.

I have seen the greatest President of my lifetime come and go from this world. Many say he saved the world from impending destruction from the USSR. Began the new revolution of the ring of freedom. He would have never allowed what happen this week to go on as it has- simply because he knew this was morally wrong and would only lead America further down the road of moral bankruptcy. He would put his political feeling aside and stepped in halted such barbarism even at the cost of political consequences.

If I have a criticism of the current lot of politicians on both sides of the isle- it is you have failed to do your duty. You have failed to know right and wrong. You failed not only the American people, but you have failed your selves with no moral standings, selfish agendas, and most of all failed to protect the most precious thing we have- LIFE.

So some say we will go on. I am sure that right now God is going to allow us to continue down this path of destruction. I feel that now hours of this world are growing short in reference to time that has past. God knows that he must let us continue to fool our selves.
He will allow us to continue down that path of moral decay. Continue down that path to thinking we now know better than him. Continue down the path of utter destruction.
Most of you already know what I think of the GODS IN BLACK. They will continue to lead us to that utopia of total annihilation of human life.

If it were not for the hope and coming of the Lord Jesus Christ in the last days all flesh will be destroyed. My only question is now is this. Just how much more time do we really have before we get there? My guess is with what happened this week, the trigger may just have been pulled to begin that path to a Hell on earth that man has never before seen.

For some of us there is that hope. In him I trust alone, Jesus Christ saved my life once and many times since. I will endure until the end in that hope. Knowing that he will see me through all things.

I will NEVER EVER claim the MEN IN BLACK as my God or even serve them as such.
To bad we don’t have politicians with enough spine in them to do the same. But then again if you put your trust in man- they will always let you down. The next time you hear them saying it tough to make decisions like this. Tell them no it is not. You either value all human life or you don’t. Your actions speak volumes.

In parting:
“My we have come along way baby”-“ yeah man we have” – AC/DC Strains of “Highway to Hell” starts to play in the background. “Wow man what a perfect song” “Yeah Man lets go have some fun” “Yeah cool man lets go kidnap some old dude and take him to Judge Greer” “Yeah Man that sounds sooo cool man” “Like far out man” – Highway to helllll…

Have a great Easter everyone.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Terri Shiavo's Death- Opening a Pandora's Box of Evil

This is I hope the is the last writing on this terrible tragedy of the Terri Shiavo saga. But I am compelled to write this on a higher calling. One of that is a warning to all. This case will affect every living American and quite possibly the world. If the courts or some other higher official does not step in and spare her life, then the courts have opened a Pandora's box of evil that has no end.

Remember back when the men in black ruled that it was a woman’s right to choose. We heard all the justification that it is not life, it just a blob, no conception has taken place. Well folks since that time scientist have now discovered just how wrong that was. Thirty million abortions later and we are still murdering babies. Now you are asking what could this have to do with Terri?

What it has to do with it is this; if a Federal Judge or a Federal court was to rule against Michael Shiavo- they know with out question abortion would be next. They know that if they were to even consider such a request to spare her life, then new arguments will commence against the sacred "right" liberals have fought tooth and nail to keep enacted all these years. Thirty million souls are on their hands, and folks that is a lot of burden to carry. That is alot guilt to admit you were wrong.

The other point that needs to mentioned here is that this case if it goes to full term in her death, will then unleash the one evil that man has for centuries keep a lid on and not even entertained in the legal sense. The power to decide life and death for a living soul that has committed no crime. The only thing that happened is that a person is to old, can not feed themselves, care for themselves, mentally retarded, invalid, no use to society. Instant cure for all- legally starve them to death. They will feel no pain, they will not know what is happening to them. Yes the perfect solution. "The Final Solution"- where have we heard that before? (For those of you Rio Linda read up on the Third Reich.) - Siege Hail

Now the men in black are going to be GODS to us all now. They can decide if we are useful or not. They are all knowing and are unaccountable to anyone. They answer to NO ONE.

Shall I portray a case for you. Let's imagine this.

Case Number 55410PQRWIL- Charged with being invalid and useful to society.
Herman Smith Age 84- US Citizen. Served in WWII with Honorable Discharge from Service. Two Purple Hearts. Retired school teacher. Medical history advance stages of Cancer, and Dementia. Petition the court for Death Warrant. Granted 05/21/2007 - Method Starvation.
No Appeals needed.

Or This.

Case Number 85092WarKIN- Charged with being invalid and useful for society.
Susan Wilson Age 24- US Citizen. Harvard Law Graduate Top of the class. Current occupation is criminal defense attorney. Medical history- two abortions at age 14 and 19. Currently in diabetic coma from alcohol abuse. Recovery is deemed to expensive to rehabilitate.
Petition court for Death Warrant. Granted 06/07/07 - Method Starvation. No Appeals granted to family.

You think this is a little far fetch- tell me where the men in black stop. Tell me what guidelines if any they answer too? Tell me what authority can stop them. You say Congress can. Oh yeah when was the last time you have seen that bunch play constitutional law? Tell me the last time they as body could agree to even impeach a convicted perjurer.

Yes the men in black have ruled. They have ruled that starvation to the invalid, and helpless is legal now. They have ruled. Justly you say, then you are going to love the coming cases such as I described. Because they now proclaim themselves as GODS. GODS IN BLACK.

Pandora's Box of evil is just waiting to be opened by the MEN IN BLACK.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Terri Shivo- A Tragedy- A Murder- And No one Wins

The continuing saga of Terri Shivo case is winding down now. I maybe just a matter of hours before she dies, or it could be a matter of days. In any case this is a cruel and unusual method of killing someone.

Lets look at this way. I would NOT starve my dog to death. I would put a bullet in head before it suffers like that. We don’t put viscous criminals to death this way- while some may deserve such punishment- no we put them to sleep. Then why in the world would any sane humane being allow another one to starve to death? The abortion people’ saying killing babies is HUMANE? But killing criminally insane people is not- go figure that out. We will protect the animals like sea life, birds, snakes, and protect such things as spotted owls but will NOT let people make living? Some people will stand for hours outside death row feeling sorry for some CONVICTED murderer and sing kombaya and protest the just punishment this person deserves. But will not give the same consideration to Terri.

Liberals are funny. They only support causes that benefit them and to enhance their ability to rule. They rail against BIG Oil for needing more refineries to meet demand, but complain loud and clear that that gas prices are to high. If you can’t meet demand- it drives up the price- that is simple math folks. But liberals don’t understand the concept.
The point is Terri Shivo does not enhance their political agenda so therefore if they were to take a stand against killing her then it would open a Pandora’s box against their sacred abortion “rights”. Henry Waxman made that clear over the weekend when debating about Terri Shivo in Congress- as usual Waxman, Boxer and all the others were against stepping in. So don’t tell me it not political with this bunch.

On the other hand I personally have come out in favor of sparing her life. But I have decided enough is enough- and if they are hell bent on starving her to death; well let them.
Terri has suffered enough from this lynch mob mentality of her so called loving husband and lawyers. Her family no matter what must let it go- the time is now to let her go and let go home the Lord. Her so-called faithful spouse will answer to God on judgment day.
To keep putting the tube and taking it out is nothing short of be even crueler to her now.
I know it is painful to loose a love one, but I watched my Grandmother suffer so much the last two years of her life that I finally asked God to please take her home. He did about two weeks later mercifully he did. I miss her something fierce some day’s because practically raised me. But I would not want her suffering anymore.

There are no winners in this tragic situation. Everyone looses. In the end though Terri probably gets the biggest reward though- she is no longer a political football for people to kick around and use her anymore.

My wife and I are now amending our living wills to reflect our choices, which of course don’t even consider putting a tube or life support on either one of us if the quality of life is not there. No if I can’t live free, and able to fend for myself then let me go home to the Lord. Least of all I don’t want to be a football for misguided political causes.
May God grant Terri a quick exit, but joyful entrance into the life here after. That is my prayer for Terri.

As for those who continue too try and use her for political gain- may God have mercy on your souls for the hell you are putting her through in the first place. This of course goes for her so-called faithful spouse as well.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

MARCH 10, 2005

March 10, 2005,

I have not written in the last few days, because I have been very busy with my new duties as a Scoutmaster for the Boy Scouts here where I live in North Texas. There are so many things that need to be done in preparation for a campout. I will going with them this weekend and it is going to be a perfect weekend for it.

I see Dan Blather has finally signed off. I never liked his style, and certainly with his hatred towards conservatives made him even less desirable. No loss for me. Now too kill CNN next? On ward troops.

On my way too work I heard now you can get a new kind of ring tone for your cell phone. That’s right you can now have your phone ring with moans. Moans you say? Yep it seems that you can have your favorite porn stars having orgasms. All for a nominal fee I am sure. Just think you are in a meeting and your phone has an orgasm. Your boss will be thrilled I am sure…. Oh by the way if you can’t get enough moans for your buck they also will be offering movies for phone too. Hot Debbie and Harry’s Big One in phones sex feature…. A whole new meaning for phone sex.

John (I am a WAH hero) Kerry wants to run again in 08, so he is starting now. He said that he was going to take his job in the Senate more seriously. You think that if you have been in the Senate for over 20 years that you would take your job seriously. Makes you wonder when he take being President seriously? Kerry: Yes sir Ali Teddi I will go raise those taxes. Yes sir I will go and bomb another aspirin factory. Yes sir I will go find Janet El Reno and get another kid deported to Cuba…. But I am a WAH hero…
Spare me Lord.

The Italians found out paying off terrorist is a bad idea. After paying 15 MILLION to free a communist reporter, now found out it only adds fuel to a fire. So if you’re an Italian reporter, you had better run and hide, cause I think the terrorist are looking for you.
Wonder if you have to have a hunting license to hunt them the reporters from idiotray?

Down in Austin they are still arguing on how to spend MORE money on the public (prison) schools. It still has not dinged on them that to MUCH money is spent on other stuff, rather than basics of education it self. Of course one of these days it is going to be to late to do anything about it cause by that time we will either have a complete revolt or the schools will finally go broke, which would not be all bad considering we are spending so much money on things other than the basics. Besides most of the teachers I talk too say that throwing more money at the problem is not solving the problem. The problem is that we have to many BIG CHEIFS and the regular injuns are starving to death and over worked.

Everybody ought to checkout “The World According to Tish”(see side bar). She had an article about the 14-17 age kids need to show more respect towards their elders. Amen to that. Words like Yes sir, No sir, Yes Mam, No mam are just common curtseys. While we are at it I would appreciate it if parents would show a little restraint in how the kids dress. When my wife and I go to the Mall these days we wonder if we are in a girls dressing room. Some walking around with underwear showing, or not even wearing any! They look like prostitutes on the make. While being a normal male I like to look at pretty women too, but lets tone it down a little. While it may fashionable in Hollyweird to show your pubs, please don’t do it in public places such as the Mall. Ever thought you might be inviting unwelcome company such as a rapist, molester? Just a thought you might want too think about.

Baseball right around the corner, while I still think the fraud (Bonds) should retire and he won’t cause he has no respect for the game or himself. When hits the homer to break the Babe’s records fan’s should respond by throwing 715 baseballs back on the field as a showing for the appreciation he has for the game and records. Selfish jerk is what he is. And I had thought I had seen it all when Albert Belle was playing- but the Fraud takes the cake and marbles too. He is a JERK for lack of a better word clean enough to describe him.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone,

Friday, March 04, 2005

McCAIN-Fiengold- Two Anti- Americans- PROSTITUTES

I want to take moment and thank our two geniuses, Senator John McCain and Senator Russ Feingold. Two fine idiots that created a campaign laws that restrict FREE SPEECH.

Now we bloggers could be forced to shut down our blogs because of these two fine lunatics. Of course the law is up for review by the 5 Gods of the Supreme Whores. Which to them it will look like something dreamed up them selves.

America free speech is under attack because the politicians do like the hot water they have put themselves in. For years now the MSM covered up the dirt, grime and sleaze for them. For years the American people only had MSM news to keep uninformed. Nice filtered, watered down information – misinformation to keep the average Joe Smo and Susie Que in a total state of dummy Ville.

Then came Hugh Hewitt with an innovative idea for people to express their thoughts, fears, and anger and yes POLITICAL VIEWS. Now the so-called campaign refinance law will probably affect the free speech of the bloggers. One does not have to look far to see how this would happen. Now they are saying because we express our views in an open forum- true enough; but they are now saying that whatever it cost in ELECTRICITY to express those views could be considered political contributions and therefore it falls under this UNCONSTITUTIONAL law made by the good ole boy Senators mentioned above.

You say come on- the cost of electricity on blog a contribution to a Presidential race, Senate race or even a race for the Mayor of Podunk. It can’t amount to much that is not the point with these slimly smelly whores of Washington. To them the peasants must be controlled. We must maintain our POWER and ENLIGHTENED status over the common people. How dare they even question our authority to RULE?

Kind of reminds me of the Oliver Twist movie when the starving boy asked for more pudding. MORE pudding- and proceeded to take him off and beat him. The Men in Black will take the American citizens to the woodshed on with this law.

This week has been a very historic week in our nation. One that I am afraid that could have far ranging affects, not only for our freedom, but also even for our welfare as a nation. No longer are we trying to govern by the foundation that was very carefully laid out by our forefathers.
But it seems now we are governed by an out of control court, and a Congress who duty is to protect those foundations, principles just sits and wonders how to spend the next billion dollars. They prostituted themselves into blindness with all that free money they have up there.

It seems now as a nation- we are willing to sell our freedom for a little gruel, and our security for a few beans as well.

Campaign refinance laws were never enacted to keep the rich from playing the field- it was enacted to keep the common folk from rising up and taking back the country from the slimy smelly whores in Washington. Now the future look bleak- because it is now in the hands of 5 Supreme whores in robes of black, that have no problem ruling against the Constitution of the United States. They have done it this week; they have done it in the past. I lay odds at 5-4 they will do it again.

For that we can thank McCain and Feingold for the legislation that will let them do it legally this time.

I URGE every blogger, liberal, conservative, libertarian to contact thier represenatives about this unjust law.
I also urge you purchase a copy of Mark R. Levins "Men In Black" and read it.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

March 3, 2005

I was reading the local tabloid (Dallas Morning News) that Hockey Union Players are warning non-union player not to cross the line. I personally have had enough of these so-called workingman unions of the sport figures. They are nothing more than a glorified Millionaire club for ball-players to get behind and drive up prices on the fans.
The average Joe Fan cannot afford $50 a game ticket as it is, so why in the world would anybody support these brats. Seems to me I would enjoy seeing some hockey with cheaper players, cheaper prices, and most of all hockey again.
But do you think for a minute the players give one tinkering damn about the fans?
Their actions have spoken volumes in this strike…
By the way I don’t support any of the player unions anymore all of them are corrupt and bad for the games and the fans.

Well our 5 sitting Gods are still sitting in the Supreme chambers. As we anxiously wait for the next new piece of legislation they will impose on us. Mean while the Congress just sits over there in Capitol Hill arguing about anything they can find that is not meaningful to talk about. They wringing their hands trying to figure out how to spend or get money to spend. Just about all the good they are, cause they sure as hell don’t want to tackle a run away court- it might come back and bite them. Poor little babies maybe they need a pacifier as well…

Speaking of the 5 Gods over there, they are the ones that will rule on the Ten Commandments. I get the feeling of a sense of dread from “Enlighten” ones.This is the same court that gave us the Amendment “Separation of Church and State” Without a Congressional vote, Presidential signature, and ratified by the 2/3rd of the states.
Anyone have any confidence that this court is competent to rule on such things?

Senator Robert Byrd has spoken from perch once again. Spewing forth such wisdom that only rivals Ali Teddi in common sense. Now he is upset about the nuclear option being used against the poor little Democrats in judicial nominees. The former KKK grand dragon likened it to Hitler and the Holocaust in the late 1930’s and 40’s. As I written before the blithering idiot from the state of W. Virginian should know all about the third Reich and it’s beliefs being a former grand dragon. Does anybody in W. Virginia ever tire of his constant blithering and being an embarrassment to that state? This guy is a walking corps and should be locked up in a sanctuary for endangered species of Byrds.
As for the nuclear option we need to have a lot of changes up they’re in Washington and the judicial branch needs a complete overhaul. To many judges now are legislating from the bench, with no accountability to the people they are Lording over. So please use the nuclear option NOW in fact don’t wait another minute just do it. The so- called rules were setup while the Dumocrats were in their 40-year rule of POWER and now that the tables have turned on them they hate it. Get them a diaper…

Who are these idiots that don’t believe that 13 year olds are not capable of violent crimes and murder? What do you do with one’s like this? Yeah I know- he will be out all repented when he is 18 and has been reformed in to a perfect adult by that time. I am sure the community can rest knowing when he gets out he will be alright by that time.I think I would keep my gun handy the day he gets out though just in case he needs a car or wants to eat my left over desert…

The Dumocrats are all broke up about Tom Daschle ouster as the head of the minority Dumocrats in the Senate. Had all the big names at this dinner Ali Teddi, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, with Max Cleland and Ali Kennedy reading fiery poems they'd written about Daschle.( Must have been a gas of a time.) They honored him with naming their headquarters after him. Somebody please break out the violins, and get the head mortuary ushers to help. The only building I would name after this destructionist is this one. Anybody got any crying whine?

Somebody wants to pay $3.5 billion for all the NHL teams. Offer sound generous. I would certainly hope it is a group that will kill that stupid union the players have. Be nice to see some pro hockey again. But lets not get our hopes up to much. If they are going to spend $3.5 billion on hockey, you can bet it will come with a price tag. I will miss the Stanley being given this year. Actually the word should be totally disgusted with the players and their greed.

That’s it for today kiddo’s!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Supreme Court- Out Of Control

The Supreme Court once again yesterday, created law. This time they ruled that 16- 17 murderers couldn’t be given the death penalty because of their age. The justices were wrong in this ruling in more ways than one. The biggest one is they are once again legislating from the bench- and this is constitutionally wrong. They were never to create, legislate from the bench at all.

The Supreme Court is out of control, and our representatives in Congress just sit there like complete idiots and say – “they are the law of the land”. Excuse me; why do we elect Congressmen and Senators for? Just so they can sit up there and spend money and the court can decide if they are doing right? Impeachment proceeding should commence immediately. The court is out of control. They have lost sight of what their part in the government was.

It is coming back to haunt us for allowing such foolishness to go on for far to long now.
Taking prayer out of school- based on the fictionist Amendment of “Separation of Church and State”. There is no such Amendment my fellow Americans. There is an Amendment that states that Congress shall make no official religion in America. You can see what that Amendment say right here:
I - Freedom of Speech, Press, Religion and Petition
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Nowhere in this Amendment does it say “Separation of Church and State”. Where the court got that ruling was again legislating from the bench. The Warren court began these diabolical rulings by the Supreme Court by taking prayer out of public schools. Look where it has taken us from this lunatic ruling to what we have today.

Abortion on demand as woman right. This was not a law voted upon by the Congress, Senate and signed by the President. No this was a made up law enacted by the Supreme Court. Once again legislating from the bench. No elected officials held accountable for such law. Just one more liberal ruling by a court out of control. 30 plus million abortions have taken place since the ruling, and yet the court has audacity to rule that 16-17 year old murderers cannot get the death penalty? What common sense is in this? What accountability does this court have to the people in this ruling? Kill the unborn but save malicious murderers and rapist- for what?

Rulings like this was what forefathers feared very much. It was the very thing they wanted to prevent- which is why we have three branches of government. The Congressional, Executive and the Judiciary. But now it looks like this the judiciary, the judiciary and the judiciary. Because the Congress and Senate sit like idiots they are and let the court run over them. The President has tried in the past and present to tell the wrongs of this court but it falls on deaf ears. No the blame goes squarely on the American people and Congress for allowing this court this much POWER. We all know that absolute power corrupts.

The court has run amok with such rulings and no accountability has been held against it. They are not elected officials by the people. Slowly but surely the court is killing the Republic as we know it more and more everyday. Before long the court will be the soul branch of Power, with maybe a figurehead for President to make it look like they have someone in power beside themselves. Better yet they will even be able to hand pick their successors before long. This way they will not have to worry about any rulings being overturned due a small matter of the Constitution. They will just burn that document because it is in their way of ABSOLUTE POWER. You think that it could not happen. Just keep sitting idle and watch.

Where do we go now? What do we do? For one thing we must ensure that in some form or fashion the court must be held accountable to the people. The other thing that needs to happen is that the justices should not be allowed to serve lifetime appointments- some of them are so old and in ill health you have to wonder about their mental faculties as well. To serve on the highest court until you die is plain insanity. Again they have no accountability to electorate or even it appears to Congress about anything they do.

I am not a lawyer, but I can tell you this. This is not what our forefathers had in mind for the Supreme Court and its role. That is why we are in the mess we are today. Back when the court first started doing things like this is when Congress should have stepped in. Way back in that stupid ruling of “Separation of Church and State”- that is what has opened the Pandora’s box of evil in the Supreme Court. A court that is out of control now. They have proclaimed themselves as Gods and are the enlighten ones.

In closing I have no answers to resolve this quickly, except to encourage people to be extremely selective in the representation they elect. Are they Liberal? What do they think of the court legislating from the bench? Do you think that just maybe the time has come for either term limits on the court or some sort of age limit? What about accountability to the people they are ruling over? What kind of judge would be looking for on the courts? Do you believe the Constitution and the Bill of rights are exactly what they mean as they are written? And lastly but not least- Where is the clause of “Separation of Church and State”? For it seems that is where it all started. Them making up new Amendments and acting like Gods.

UPDATE: David Limbaugh has some really good remarks as well on his site about this ruling. With him being a lawyer, I find it refreshingly good reading from one who studies the law.
Also get Mark R.Levin's Book "Men In Black".

Tuesday March 1, 2005

" The winds of March come, with it the winds of change"
Just a saying I made up years ago, it seems like every March comes change. The weather, events seem to happen, life it self begins a change, but you know that I am Thankful the Lord never changes, he is the same yesterday, today, and forever more.

Michael Jackson trial in its first day of testimony- I am already weary of this trial. You gotta hand it to California, they have some very interesting trial out there. Now it looks like the prosecutions case is in trouble because of alegations that they key witness in the trial has been using her son to swindle money out of stores and other stars. If this is even remotely true, I would be in favor of dismissal and save the Taxpayers an enormous expense of this trial. He may have showed kids the material in question- but to build a case based on someone that is a fraudulent type of person is really weak. I suspect that before it is all over with we will either have a mis-trial or NOT Guilty. If that were to happen, and I were Michael Jackson, when this is over with I would close that ranch and move back to Paris, France. If he is found innocent of the charges- folks he will be even more popular than he is now. What a waste....

Things must be really bad over at the Comedy News Network (CNN), they are the first to run liquor adds. I guess it would help to digest such sordid reporting with a bottle....

Texas is having problems with school districts wanting MORE MONEY from the big districts. What wrong with this picture? It is still distribution of wealth. I had an article on this mess last week. Now they want to give teachers their raise based on TEST results. I wonder what the teachers will be teaching the kids now.... We all know that throwing money at the problem is not the answer here. Eventually you are going to have too face the facts of life, we can no longer afford to keep having all these extra- curricular activities as part of the budget. Sooner later people are going to have to decide what they really want their kids in school for. Getting the basics or getting training for sports. Easy decision for me. I would want my kids to learn the basics of reading, writing, math, history and science. The rest of can be taken care of by private donations or corporations. Stop expecting people to pay for all this nonsense stuff that is not needed in the education of the children. But do you think that this has crossed the minds of the PIGS in Austin about this? Someone needs to tell them to wake up and smell the coffee....

Some idiotic Judge wants to let a terrorist out of jail. This guy was planning on doing a Dirty Bomb. Something tells me that if this activist Judge's ruling stands- then this guy will get out and by golly start where he left off (Wonder what on earth gave me that idea?). Does anybody see what is wrong with this picture? I just want to personally thank the ACLU for such blithering idiocy. I hope you are the first recipients of his wonderful present he wants to give America. Sheer stupidity to let someone like this out of jail at a time of war. Thanks to Right Thinking Girl for the post.

Have a great day,