Friday, March 25, 2005

Amerika- Changing the way the life ought to be.


We can now celebrate in Amerika. Yes that right it is the new Amerika. We soon will have the FINAL SOLUTION to all our problems in complex medical care. The stage has been set and the executioners are in place. Reports from the high command that when the first case is completed. The process should then be flawless, no more complications in swift judgment. The new legal way to get rid of burdens, undesirables, invalids, terminally ill, or even just plain inconvenience is to STARVE them to death. It is painless, and sure method of success 100%. High command reports that new places for such cases will be built in Floruka. We welcome all cases from other parts of Amerika, so please bring your burdens to us- we will take care of everything. Our judges are qualified and extremely insensitive to human garbage- excuse me- life of course. They will grant no appeals to anyone for any reason, at anytime. New evidence- impossible- we hear no evidence on anything. Judge Greer is our top executor on the bench. All fear him. He is really known as the DEATH judge. Cost you say? No cost starving people is cheap. What if you change your mind- to bad no refunds on started projects. Once the process has started we see to its completion 100 % of the time.

Need help in finding a Dr. to qualify your case – no problem we have several to choose from. We are working diligently to get Dr. Jack Korvorkian on our staff as soon as possible. We are sad to report that Dr. Mengal is no longer with us to help us he is kind of busy burning up in Hell with Adolph and Herman at this time. But have no fear we have plenty of “scientist” that willing to take his place in the expertise of mangling and butchering if that is your style- oh excuse me- wishes. We are not choosey in who we STARVE- we want you to know we follow strict adherence to Federal equality laws.

Nurses are your concern? We have the best; Michael Shiavo is on our staff full time, fully qualified in spousal murder, mayhem and torture. Even has real life experience, and has been given an honorary degree by Judge Greer for outstanding work.
Welcome to the new Amerika- where we are just beginning to change how ought to be.

Far fetch you think. Well with Terri Shiavo case it has opened the doors for such barbaric practices. Remember the Third Reich began with a simple idea to bring Germany back into a world power again. The other ideas came later- and they accepted them when they found it was effective, and solved the burden of Germany having to feed these people. So think about it this weekend. Think about what kind of a box have we opened that has far-reaching repercussions. What better way can you think of getting rid of the problem with Social Security and Medicare going broke? What more effective way can you come up with to save the system, and better yet save money for the future? Just think it could be only a matter of time when Congress can pass an act to say the longest you can live- is so long as you a valid contributor to the work force, and state. It would be so easy to pass with this bunch of activist judges on the bench.

Congress has effectively managed now to shirk its duties and violated the very document they are sworn to protect. All because they are afraid of the GODS in Black they have allowed, and created a lot of monsters for themselves. Nuff Said.

We have been hearing rumors that the MSM sports writers are now saying that the Frauds (Barry Fraud the Bonds) records in baseball are legitimate. Since when is any record considered legitimate when they cheat? But I guess since we are allowing judges to starve people to death, then what is any record or morality to mean anything anymore? Kind of pointless in even keeping records anymore, causes you know someone is going to come along with a way to cheat and lie to get break it. Who knows maybe Judge Greer will accept a part time job as official litigator in baseball records, last I heard his eraser was working overtime… If you don’t like what he puts down- well you can always visit him during regular business hours in his courtroom. He is sure to address your concerns and make sure the solution is final.

I t is kind of hard to write much more today. This is a very sad day in American history. Never in my life did I think I would live to see legalize murder of living adult human beings that were not criminally insane, or just plain mean and with no soul to them. I have seen and experience a lot in my short 47+ years here on earth. I have seen many of the first for man in good things such moon walks, space travel and many break throughs in science. I have seen abortion become a legal means to kill living fetuses. I have seen man break speed records. I have seen the greatest fighters, golfers and some of the very best football ever played.

I have hunted and fish over a lot of Texas in my lifetime. I have seen the wonderful sunrise in the deep woods, and seen nature wake for another day. I have sat in a blind for hours just watching and waiting. Some times seeing nothing but a doe and fawn, or squirrels that drove me crazy. I have seen Puma’s as black as midnight, the rare red fox twice in my lifetime. I have hiked for miles and camp where I stopped for night. I left no trace that I had even been there. I have watched boy’s shoot a gun for the first time in their life, and watch them improve each time they go and shoot. I have tried to help my fellow man even in times when I know I should not-because I would rather err on the side of trying, in hope I had done the right thing.

I have had to bury many of my favorite dogs. I have had to put down a few too. I have had to watch lady I loved so very much suffer from the affects of Alzheimer’s dieses, and the affects of a major stroke for a year. She made a courageous come back from the stroke to be with us another year- only in the end she was so tired and miserable I asked God to please take home. He did two weeks later.

I have seen the greatest President of my lifetime come and go from this world. Many say he saved the world from impending destruction from the USSR. Began the new revolution of the ring of freedom. He would have never allowed what happen this week to go on as it has- simply because he knew this was morally wrong and would only lead America further down the road of moral bankruptcy. He would put his political feeling aside and stepped in halted such barbarism even at the cost of political consequences.

If I have a criticism of the current lot of politicians on both sides of the isle- it is you have failed to do your duty. You have failed to know right and wrong. You failed not only the American people, but you have failed your selves with no moral standings, selfish agendas, and most of all failed to protect the most precious thing we have- LIFE.

So some say we will go on. I am sure that right now God is going to allow us to continue down this path of destruction. I feel that now hours of this world are growing short in reference to time that has past. God knows that he must let us continue to fool our selves.
He will allow us to continue down that path of moral decay. Continue down that path to thinking we now know better than him. Continue down the path of utter destruction.
Most of you already know what I think of the GODS IN BLACK. They will continue to lead us to that utopia of total annihilation of human life.

If it were not for the hope and coming of the Lord Jesus Christ in the last days all flesh will be destroyed. My only question is now is this. Just how much more time do we really have before we get there? My guess is with what happened this week, the trigger may just have been pulled to begin that path to a Hell on earth that man has never before seen.

For some of us there is that hope. In him I trust alone, Jesus Christ saved my life once and many times since. I will endure until the end in that hope. Knowing that he will see me through all things.

I will NEVER EVER claim the MEN IN BLACK as my God or even serve them as such.
To bad we don’t have politicians with enough spine in them to do the same. But then again if you put your trust in man- they will always let you down. The next time you hear them saying it tough to make decisions like this. Tell them no it is not. You either value all human life or you don’t. Your actions speak volumes.

In parting:
“My we have come along way baby”-“ yeah man we have” – AC/DC Strains of “Highway to Hell” starts to play in the background. “Wow man what a perfect song” “Yeah Man lets go have some fun” “Yeah cool man lets go kidnap some old dude and take him to Judge Greer” “Yeah Man that sounds sooo cool man” “Like far out man” – Highway to helllll…

Have a great Easter everyone.