Thursday, March 10, 2005

MARCH 10, 2005

March 10, 2005,

I have not written in the last few days, because I have been very busy with my new duties as a Scoutmaster for the Boy Scouts here where I live in North Texas. There are so many things that need to be done in preparation for a campout. I will going with them this weekend and it is going to be a perfect weekend for it.

I see Dan Blather has finally signed off. I never liked his style, and certainly with his hatred towards conservatives made him even less desirable. No loss for me. Now too kill CNN next? On ward troops.

On my way too work I heard now you can get a new kind of ring tone for your cell phone. That’s right you can now have your phone ring with moans. Moans you say? Yep it seems that you can have your favorite porn stars having orgasms. All for a nominal fee I am sure. Just think you are in a meeting and your phone has an orgasm. Your boss will be thrilled I am sure…. Oh by the way if you can’t get enough moans for your buck they also will be offering movies for phone too. Hot Debbie and Harry’s Big One in phones sex feature…. A whole new meaning for phone sex.

John (I am a WAH hero) Kerry wants to run again in 08, so he is starting now. He said that he was going to take his job in the Senate more seriously. You think that if you have been in the Senate for over 20 years that you would take your job seriously. Makes you wonder when he take being President seriously? Kerry: Yes sir Ali Teddi I will go raise those taxes. Yes sir I will go and bomb another aspirin factory. Yes sir I will go find Janet El Reno and get another kid deported to Cuba…. But I am a WAH hero…
Spare me Lord.

The Italians found out paying off terrorist is a bad idea. After paying 15 MILLION to free a communist reporter, now found out it only adds fuel to a fire. So if you’re an Italian reporter, you had better run and hide, cause I think the terrorist are looking for you.
Wonder if you have to have a hunting license to hunt them the reporters from idiotray?

Down in Austin they are still arguing on how to spend MORE money on the public (prison) schools. It still has not dinged on them that to MUCH money is spent on other stuff, rather than basics of education it self. Of course one of these days it is going to be to late to do anything about it cause by that time we will either have a complete revolt or the schools will finally go broke, which would not be all bad considering we are spending so much money on things other than the basics. Besides most of the teachers I talk too say that throwing more money at the problem is not solving the problem. The problem is that we have to many BIG CHEIFS and the regular injuns are starving to death and over worked.

Everybody ought to checkout “The World According to Tish”(see side bar). She had an article about the 14-17 age kids need to show more respect towards their elders. Amen to that. Words like Yes sir, No sir, Yes Mam, No mam are just common curtseys. While we are at it I would appreciate it if parents would show a little restraint in how the kids dress. When my wife and I go to the Mall these days we wonder if we are in a girls dressing room. Some walking around with underwear showing, or not even wearing any! They look like prostitutes on the make. While being a normal male I like to look at pretty women too, but lets tone it down a little. While it may fashionable in Hollyweird to show your pubs, please don’t do it in public places such as the Mall. Ever thought you might be inviting unwelcome company such as a rapist, molester? Just a thought you might want too think about.

Baseball right around the corner, while I still think the fraud (Bonds) should retire and he won’t cause he has no respect for the game or himself. When hits the homer to break the Babe’s records fan’s should respond by throwing 715 baseballs back on the field as a showing for the appreciation he has for the game and records. Selfish jerk is what he is. And I had thought I had seen it all when Albert Belle was playing- but the Fraud takes the cake and marbles too. He is a JERK for lack of a better word clean enough to describe him.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone,