Thursday, March 03, 2005

March 3, 2005

I was reading the local tabloid (Dallas Morning News) that Hockey Union Players are warning non-union player not to cross the line. I personally have had enough of these so-called workingman unions of the sport figures. They are nothing more than a glorified Millionaire club for ball-players to get behind and drive up prices on the fans.
The average Joe Fan cannot afford $50 a game ticket as it is, so why in the world would anybody support these brats. Seems to me I would enjoy seeing some hockey with cheaper players, cheaper prices, and most of all hockey again.
But do you think for a minute the players give one tinkering damn about the fans?
Their actions have spoken volumes in this strike…
By the way I don’t support any of the player unions anymore all of them are corrupt and bad for the games and the fans.

Well our 5 sitting Gods are still sitting in the Supreme chambers. As we anxiously wait for the next new piece of legislation they will impose on us. Mean while the Congress just sits over there in Capitol Hill arguing about anything they can find that is not meaningful to talk about. They wringing their hands trying to figure out how to spend or get money to spend. Just about all the good they are, cause they sure as hell don’t want to tackle a run away court- it might come back and bite them. Poor little babies maybe they need a pacifier as well…

Speaking of the 5 Gods over there, they are the ones that will rule on the Ten Commandments. I get the feeling of a sense of dread from “Enlighten” ones.This is the same court that gave us the Amendment “Separation of Church and State” Without a Congressional vote, Presidential signature, and ratified by the 2/3rd of the states.
Anyone have any confidence that this court is competent to rule on such things?

Senator Robert Byrd has spoken from perch once again. Spewing forth such wisdom that only rivals Ali Teddi in common sense. Now he is upset about the nuclear option being used against the poor little Democrats in judicial nominees. The former KKK grand dragon likened it to Hitler and the Holocaust in the late 1930’s and 40’s. As I written before the blithering idiot from the state of W. Virginian should know all about the third Reich and it’s beliefs being a former grand dragon. Does anybody in W. Virginia ever tire of his constant blithering and being an embarrassment to that state? This guy is a walking corps and should be locked up in a sanctuary for endangered species of Byrds.
As for the nuclear option we need to have a lot of changes up they’re in Washington and the judicial branch needs a complete overhaul. To many judges now are legislating from the bench, with no accountability to the people they are Lording over. So please use the nuclear option NOW in fact don’t wait another minute just do it. The so- called rules were setup while the Dumocrats were in their 40-year rule of POWER and now that the tables have turned on them they hate it. Get them a diaper…

Who are these idiots that don’t believe that 13 year olds are not capable of violent crimes and murder? What do you do with one’s like this? Yeah I know- he will be out all repented when he is 18 and has been reformed in to a perfect adult by that time. I am sure the community can rest knowing when he gets out he will be alright by that time.I think I would keep my gun handy the day he gets out though just in case he needs a car or wants to eat my left over desert…

The Dumocrats are all broke up about Tom Daschle ouster as the head of the minority Dumocrats in the Senate. Had all the big names at this dinner Ali Teddi, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, with Max Cleland and Ali Kennedy reading fiery poems they'd written about Daschle.( Must have been a gas of a time.) They honored him with naming their headquarters after him. Somebody please break out the violins, and get the head mortuary ushers to help. The only building I would name after this destructionist is this one. Anybody got any crying whine?

Somebody wants to pay $3.5 billion for all the NHL teams. Offer sound generous. I would certainly hope it is a group that will kill that stupid union the players have. Be nice to see some pro hockey again. But lets not get our hopes up to much. If they are going to spend $3.5 billion on hockey, you can bet it will come with a price tag. I will miss the Stanley being given this year. Actually the word should be totally disgusted with the players and their greed.

That’s it for today kiddo’s!