Thursday, March 31, 2005

May God Have Mercy On Us in America

Terri Shiavo-1964-2005

This morning the end came to the senseless barbaric murder of an innocent human being. Her crime? Marrying Michael Shiavo and believing that he would be there through sickness and health. Trusting him to do the right thing in regards to her health and well-being. Trusting him to remain faithful in their vows- that means not having two wives. That also means not sell her life for an insurance settlement. Not end her life because she was such burden to care for.

One would think Terri would have wanted her parents and family that really loved her with her in the end. In the end Michael denied that not only to her family but to Terri as well. Michael in the end showed just cruel and vindictive he really is. Showed his true colors of sociopath murderer he is. Cold and calculating, brutal and uncaring. He is no different than Scott Peterson, and even Ted Bundy for that matter. He has sold his soul for gains that are only temporary. He will no doubt have plenty of money to bury the guilt he has. He has fame, and will be able to write a book about his side of things. Maybe he should title it “How to legally Murder your Wife “. Should be monumental NY Times bestseller. People will buy it because they are infatuated about DEATH. They no doubt will want pointers, how to get rid of problems, such as old age, terminal illness, and invalid persons or just plain tired of them period.

As for the Judiciary they must have left out common sense 101 in law school. Anyone with even an IQ 10 knows the laws should be a guideline for society. But for the law to apply correctly and fairly requires common sense. I dare say that anyone with a wit of common sense in this case would have had to ask for more proof, then words of one man, 7 long years and a settlement of over MILLION dollars before making the allegations that Terri did not want to live this way. Anyone would have to realize to apply law to an innocent person that cannot speak for herself is nothing short of plain stupidity and an out of control court. One would have thought to believe that most judges are not callous and barbaric and a have complete disregard for human life. But we have now learned that this is in deed not to be the truth at all. I have said that in the last two weeks these MEN IN BLACK have proclaimed themselves as GODS. All knowing, all supreme, and they answer to NO ONE in this life. But they will in the next one- and all I say WOE UNTO THEM.
This case was a prime example of why we cannot allow activist judges on the bench. Republican, Dimicrat, or even libertarians. We NEED judges that follow the constitutional duty that has been given to them-, which is to interpret, not legislate from the bench. In this case I marvel at the stupidity, callous, uncaring, and yet even in some cases blatant disregard for a human being, much less families. The wheels of justice in Terri Shiavo’s life were a sham. We may never know all the payoffs, favors that went into this case to murder this woman in this life, but I can tell you this we will know all on Judgment day.

I commend the lawyers on the Schlinders side of the case; they tried their very best right up to the end. There was some sort of a report that they made a mistake in the beginning of this saga. We are human. But if you tell me that a mistake cost this woman her life, you had better think long and hard about that- because there was more than ample time to not correct it, but the courts should have demanded it be done. But when the courts are on a path to deliberately murder someone, again we saw the enormous amount of POWER given to them to do so. They shirked any responsibility or civility in this case. They are trying to HIDE behind the LAW. NOWHERE IN OUR LAW IS IT GIVEN TO THE COURTS TO DECIDE LIFE AND DEATH TO AN INNOCENT HUMAN BEING.
You want to say this was a family dispute and the courts should not be involved at all.
You are correct in this assessment, but unfortunately not all of the family agreed to end Terri Shiavo life. Only one person, her adulterous, polygamist-practicing husband. What is so profound about this is that because he taken another woman as wife they took no thought to ask themselves if Terri would have been ok with this. Not one judge took a look at the fact that Michael Shiavo should have been barred from ANY care or custody of his wife or ex-wife- if we are talking about the FINE print of marriage and the LAW. We know Michaels true intent was to keep the money for him self. Greed on Michaels part is what drove him to kill her.

Judge Greer will always be known now through out the rest of natural history, as the DEATH judge to innocent people. Maybe he has only two notches in his belt- but that too many for me. He will have to live with his miserable old self. Never once did he visit Terri to get a first hand look at things for him self. Relied on ONE doctor to given an opinion. Never would listen to 33 more that disputed this so called doctor. By the way the doctor that gave him the opinion is a DEATH advocate-, which means he is in favor of putting people like Terri to death. He believes that such ones like Terri are of no value to the human race and therefore should be exterminated. He would have been right at home in Germany in the 1930’s and 40’s. MEN IN BLACK all knowing, all powerful, answers to NO ONE.

Finally we take a look at the executive and congressional branch of our government. If you have ever read the constitution at all. It is pretty clear that the courts are supposed to be the weakest link in our system. At least at the Federal level this is the way things are suppose to be. But who knows about Florida- this is the same state that it’s supreme court tried to legislate from the bench in the 2000 elections. The very same court that the Supreme Court of the land rebuked as being incompetent- lived up its reputation of being incompetent and totally useless in the matters of law. What can you expect from a bunch of liberals sitting on the court.
Governor Bush failed to act as a leader. Failed his duties as the head of the state to intervene on behalf of Terri. People say he had no legal power to do so, uh excuse me if felt as strongly as he said he did, then as Governor he should have used executive privilege and step on Judge Greer like June bug. You can’t tell me that a governor cannot take control of a situation of where another person life is in jeopardy, and use all the powers of the state to rescue Terri. He would be impeached- maybe so but he would not have the blood of an innocent person on his hands. Besides I have feeling that if the Governor had taken this initiative the people of Florida would have demanded the legislators not to impeach. The state legislators should be really be happy know that her blood is on them as well for not impeaching Judge Greer in an emergency session. No that would have meant any Golf days or chasing skirts. They can rest easy tonight and drown themselves in alcohol or the drug of their choice to try and forget the miscarriage of justice on their part. As for the liberals involved they lost conscience years ago when they sanctioned murder to living babies and fetuses. So they have nothing to worry about, until Judgment day. Yes the courts and liberals will have a lot to answer for on that day.

In closing if anyone thinks that starvation and to deprive someone of water is a humane way to kill someone. If you think it is so peaceful, and painless then may I suggest we start this new method for the criminally insane. I mean lets face it, no needles, no loss of energy in electrocution, and no gas chamber. They sit in their cell and slowly just die from this newfound way to put people to death. No appeals based on cruel and inhumane punishment- cause IT IS painless and you just fall to sleep as the courts just ruled. Just think we will have to no more appeals for 20 years because this is a humane way to put people to death according to the courts. This of course will never happen, because the criminally insane have more “rights” then the victims or the innocent. With hypocrite lawyers like Gelos around he will see too it that they have full course of due process. Unlike Terri Shiavo, she of course was invalid, and her husband wanted her dead so where was her due process- oh that’s right she does not need any because she is invalid. Wonder where Gelos and Michael will party to night?

Mercifully she has gone home to be with Lord now. Gone to another life. She will be missed by her family that loved her, and her true friends that cared. She put up a good fight long fight but in the end the MEN IN BLACK killed her. I pray that she now is able to live in peace.

As for Michael Shiavo, well he will continue to live her on earth. Rich and comfortable. But I wonder how this man can even look at himself in the mirror anymore. He sold his soul for so little. Killed his wife for so little. One wonders how he can live with the guilt. My guess is he is in for a lot torment in the days and years to come until he comes to his end. Who knows God may have a sense of humor and give him a chance at dieing peacefully like Terri. The Bibles does say you reap what you sow.
Mercifully he can’t hurt Terri anymore. Thank goodness it is over, until Judgment day.