Friday, March 04, 2005

McCAIN-Fiengold- Two Anti- Americans- PROSTITUTES

I want to take moment and thank our two geniuses, Senator John McCain and Senator Russ Feingold. Two fine idiots that created a campaign laws that restrict FREE SPEECH.

Now we bloggers could be forced to shut down our blogs because of these two fine lunatics. Of course the law is up for review by the 5 Gods of the Supreme Whores. Which to them it will look like something dreamed up them selves.

America free speech is under attack because the politicians do like the hot water they have put themselves in. For years now the MSM covered up the dirt, grime and sleaze for them. For years the American people only had MSM news to keep uninformed. Nice filtered, watered down information – misinformation to keep the average Joe Smo and Susie Que in a total state of dummy Ville.

Then came Hugh Hewitt with an innovative idea for people to express their thoughts, fears, and anger and yes POLITICAL VIEWS. Now the so-called campaign refinance law will probably affect the free speech of the bloggers. One does not have to look far to see how this would happen. Now they are saying because we express our views in an open forum- true enough; but they are now saying that whatever it cost in ELECTRICITY to express those views could be considered political contributions and therefore it falls under this UNCONSTITUTIONAL law made by the good ole boy Senators mentioned above.

You say come on- the cost of electricity on blog a contribution to a Presidential race, Senate race or even a race for the Mayor of Podunk. It can’t amount to much that is not the point with these slimly smelly whores of Washington. To them the peasants must be controlled. We must maintain our POWER and ENLIGHTENED status over the common people. How dare they even question our authority to RULE?

Kind of reminds me of the Oliver Twist movie when the starving boy asked for more pudding. MORE pudding- and proceeded to take him off and beat him. The Men in Black will take the American citizens to the woodshed on with this law.

This week has been a very historic week in our nation. One that I am afraid that could have far ranging affects, not only for our freedom, but also even for our welfare as a nation. No longer are we trying to govern by the foundation that was very carefully laid out by our forefathers.
But it seems now we are governed by an out of control court, and a Congress who duty is to protect those foundations, principles just sits and wonders how to spend the next billion dollars. They prostituted themselves into blindness with all that free money they have up there.

It seems now as a nation- we are willing to sell our freedom for a little gruel, and our security for a few beans as well.

Campaign refinance laws were never enacted to keep the rich from playing the field- it was enacted to keep the common folk from rising up and taking back the country from the slimy smelly whores in Washington. Now the future look bleak- because it is now in the hands of 5 Supreme whores in robes of black, that have no problem ruling against the Constitution of the United States. They have done it this week; they have done it in the past. I lay odds at 5-4 they will do it again.

For that we can thank McCain and Feingold for the legislation that will let them do it legally this time.

I URGE every blogger, liberal, conservative, libertarian to contact thier represenatives about this unjust law.
I also urge you purchase a copy of Mark R. Levins "Men In Black" and read it.

Have a great weekend everyone.