Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Terri Shiavo's Death- Opening a Pandora's Box of Evil

This is I hope the is the last writing on this terrible tragedy of the Terri Shiavo saga. But I am compelled to write this on a higher calling. One of that is a warning to all. This case will affect every living American and quite possibly the world. If the courts or some other higher official does not step in and spare her life, then the courts have opened a Pandora's box of evil that has no end.

Remember back when the men in black ruled that it was a woman’s right to choose. We heard all the justification that it is not life, it just a blob, no conception has taken place. Well folks since that time scientist have now discovered just how wrong that was. Thirty million abortions later and we are still murdering babies. Now you are asking what could this have to do with Terri?

What it has to do with it is this; if a Federal Judge or a Federal court was to rule against Michael Shiavo- they know with out question abortion would be next. They know that if they were to even consider such a request to spare her life, then new arguments will commence against the sacred "right" liberals have fought tooth and nail to keep enacted all these years. Thirty million souls are on their hands, and folks that is a lot of burden to carry. That is alot guilt to admit you were wrong.

The other point that needs to mentioned here is that this case if it goes to full term in her death, will then unleash the one evil that man has for centuries keep a lid on and not even entertained in the legal sense. The power to decide life and death for a living soul that has committed no crime. The only thing that happened is that a person is to old, can not feed themselves, care for themselves, mentally retarded, invalid, no use to society. Instant cure for all- legally starve them to death. They will feel no pain, they will not know what is happening to them. Yes the perfect solution. "The Final Solution"- where have we heard that before? (For those of you Rio Linda read up on the Third Reich.) - Siege Hail

Now the men in black are going to be GODS to us all now. They can decide if we are useful or not. They are all knowing and are unaccountable to anyone. They answer to NO ONE.

Shall I portray a case for you. Let's imagine this.

Case Number 55410PQRWIL- Charged with being invalid and useful to society.
Herman Smith Age 84- US Citizen. Served in WWII with Honorable Discharge from Service. Two Purple Hearts. Retired school teacher. Medical history advance stages of Cancer, and Dementia. Petition the court for Death Warrant. Granted 05/21/2007 - Method Starvation.
No Appeals needed.

Or This.

Case Number 85092WarKIN- Charged with being invalid and useful for society.
Susan Wilson Age 24- US Citizen. Harvard Law Graduate Top of the class. Current occupation is criminal defense attorney. Medical history- two abortions at age 14 and 19. Currently in diabetic coma from alcohol abuse. Recovery is deemed to expensive to rehabilitate.
Petition court for Death Warrant. Granted 06/07/07 - Method Starvation. No Appeals granted to family.

You think this is a little far fetch- tell me where the men in black stop. Tell me what guidelines if any they answer too? Tell me what authority can stop them. You say Congress can. Oh yeah when was the last time you have seen that bunch play constitutional law? Tell me the last time they as body could agree to even impeach a convicted perjurer.

Yes the men in black have ruled. They have ruled that starvation to the invalid, and helpless is legal now. They have ruled. Justly you say, then you are going to love the coming cases such as I described. Because they now proclaim themselves as GODS. GODS IN BLACK.

Pandora's Box of evil is just waiting to be opened by the MEN IN BLACK.