Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Terri Shivo- A Tragedy- A Murder- And No one Wins

The continuing saga of Terri Shivo case is winding down now. I maybe just a matter of hours before she dies, or it could be a matter of days. In any case this is a cruel and unusual method of killing someone.

Lets look at this way. I would NOT starve my dog to death. I would put a bullet in head before it suffers like that. We don’t put viscous criminals to death this way- while some may deserve such punishment- no we put them to sleep. Then why in the world would any sane humane being allow another one to starve to death? The abortion people’ saying killing babies is HUMANE? But killing criminally insane people is not- go figure that out. We will protect the animals like sea life, birds, snakes, and protect such things as spotted owls but will NOT let people make living? Some people will stand for hours outside death row feeling sorry for some CONVICTED murderer and sing kombaya and protest the just punishment this person deserves. But will not give the same consideration to Terri.

Liberals are funny. They only support causes that benefit them and to enhance their ability to rule. They rail against BIG Oil for needing more refineries to meet demand, but complain loud and clear that that gas prices are to high. If you can’t meet demand- it drives up the price- that is simple math folks. But liberals don’t understand the concept.
The point is Terri Shivo does not enhance their political agenda so therefore if they were to take a stand against killing her then it would open a Pandora’s box against their sacred abortion “rights”. Henry Waxman made that clear over the weekend when debating about Terri Shivo in Congress- as usual Waxman, Boxer and all the others were against stepping in. So don’t tell me it not political with this bunch.

On the other hand I personally have come out in favor of sparing her life. But I have decided enough is enough- and if they are hell bent on starving her to death; well let them.
Terri has suffered enough from this lynch mob mentality of her so called loving husband and lawyers. Her family no matter what must let it go- the time is now to let her go and let go home the Lord. Her so-called faithful spouse will answer to God on judgment day.
To keep putting the tube and taking it out is nothing short of be even crueler to her now.
I know it is painful to loose a love one, but I watched my Grandmother suffer so much the last two years of her life that I finally asked God to please take her home. He did about two weeks later mercifully he did. I miss her something fierce some day’s because practically raised me. But I would not want her suffering anymore.

There are no winners in this tragic situation. Everyone looses. In the end though Terri probably gets the biggest reward though- she is no longer a political football for people to kick around and use her anymore.

My wife and I are now amending our living wills to reflect our choices, which of course don’t even consider putting a tube or life support on either one of us if the quality of life is not there. No if I can’t live free, and able to fend for myself then let me go home to the Lord. Least of all I don’t want to be a football for misguided political causes.
May God grant Terri a quick exit, but joyful entrance into the life here after. That is my prayer for Terri.

As for those who continue too try and use her for political gain- may God have mercy on your souls for the hell you are putting her through in the first place. This of course goes for her so-called faithful spouse as well.