Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Tuesday March 1, 2005

" The winds of March come, with it the winds of change"
Just a saying I made up years ago, it seems like every March comes change. The weather, events seem to happen, life it self begins a change, but you know that I am Thankful the Lord never changes, he is the same yesterday, today, and forever more.

Michael Jackson trial in its first day of testimony- I am already weary of this trial. You gotta hand it to California, they have some very interesting trial out there. Now it looks like the prosecutions case is in trouble because of alegations that they key witness in the trial has been using her son to swindle money out of stores and other stars. If this is even remotely true, I would be in favor of dismissal and save the Taxpayers an enormous expense of this trial. He may have showed kids the material in question- but to build a case based on someone that is a fraudulent type of person is really weak. I suspect that before it is all over with we will either have a mis-trial or NOT Guilty. If that were to happen, and I were Michael Jackson, when this is over with I would close that ranch and move back to Paris, France. If he is found innocent of the charges- folks he will be even more popular than he is now. What a waste....

Things must be really bad over at the Comedy News Network (CNN), they are the first to run liquor adds. I guess it would help to digest such sordid reporting with a bottle....

Texas is having problems with school districts wanting MORE MONEY from the big districts. What wrong with this picture? It is still distribution of wealth. I had an article on this mess last week. Now they want to give teachers their raise based on TEST results. I wonder what the teachers will be teaching the kids now.... We all know that throwing money at the problem is not the answer here. Eventually you are going to have too face the facts of life, we can no longer afford to keep having all these extra- curricular activities as part of the budget. Sooner later people are going to have to decide what they really want their kids in school for. Getting the basics or getting training for sports. Easy decision for me. I would want my kids to learn the basics of reading, writing, math, history and science. The rest of can be taken care of by private donations or corporations. Stop expecting people to pay for all this nonsense stuff that is not needed in the education of the children. But do you think that this has crossed the minds of the PIGS in Austin about this? Someone needs to tell them to wake up and smell the coffee....

Some idiotic Judge wants to let a terrorist out of jail. This guy was planning on doing a Dirty Bomb. Something tells me that if this activist Judge's ruling stands- then this guy will get out and by golly start where he left off (Wonder what on earth gave me that idea?). Does anybody see what is wrong with this picture? I just want to personally thank the ACLU for such blithering idiocy. I hope you are the first recipients of his wonderful present he wants to give America. Sheer stupidity to let someone like this out of jail at a time of war. Thanks to Right Thinking Girl for the post.

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