Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Hi everyone, it has been a while since I have written. Frankly I have been extremely busy with my responsibilities with the BSA. But I have kept quite for too long and that it is time to begin again.

So now our favorite idiot rides to the rescues again. Senator John (never met liberal yet I don’t like to blow) McCain has opened his idiotic mouth again and shall we say it nicely ? He has thwarted the will of the people once again. Not so nice- he royally screwed us again, and frankly it hurts and I am mad as hell about it.

This so called compromise- sell out-will last for 3 nominees folks. You can bet Teddy and the gang is going to be like pit bulls in heat when it comes time for new Supreme Whores. They are going obstruct any nominee the President offers. Simply because they HATE Bush. They HATE America. They HATE you and your dogs as well. They only want you around if you are A) to stupid B) will love giving all your money to them C) will be loyal subjects to them.
Folks this was a SELLOUT. The Republicans in the Senate are no better than slaves to these communist, socialist and lovers of terrorist Dimmecraps. When you have the majority you don’t compromise, you don’t negotiate; you don’t even listen to them in the pest (press). You take charge and say “ WE NOW PLAYBALL OUR WAY AND UNTIL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE SAY OTHERWISE- YOU GUYS NEED TO SHUTUP.”

Instead we have misguided, morons up there wanting to “play nice and lets all get along” , with their moronic leader McCain. Folks I am losing interest in this continued stupidity and blatantly misuse of power by these Republicans. I have voted Republican for over 25 years now and they continue to amaze me with such cowardice, and no concept that they are in power. I know we need a Tom Delay over in the Senate- talk about someone that will strike fear in them is someone like him folks. Notice the Dem’s in congress can do little more than make false charges, and idiotic statements about him over there. He rules with an iron fist and lets them know where their place is. Unlike the current pantywaist idiots in the Senate. Folks these people not only sold us out- they sold America out. Time is running out to control these neo-fascist, communist loving idiots. Everyday we allow the court to go on making rulings with no consequences, and no checks and balances is one more nail in the coffin for freedom and liberty.

Rumor has it that McCain wants the Whitehouse in 08. Well folks if he runs a Republican- I for one WILL NOT vote for him. I will not vote if he is even on the ticket. We can ill afford to let this man be President much less be on the ticket. I have a feeling after this sell-out that we may see him run with Hilarious on the Dem ticket. Maybe not as a Democrat but I see him in that ticket. And folks if you thought the Clinton years were bad- you ain’t seen nothing yet. That is ticket made in HELL. Both of these folks are as ANTI-CHRISTIAN as you can get.
They will cut the military, cut anything vital for the good of America, give away more secrets, increase social programs so we can pay more to people who don’t want to work, screw-up social security even worse than it is already, and last but not least stack the court with more liberal screwballs to further erode freedom. Can’t get any worse than that folks.

So lets give a big hand to those screwballs in the Senate. They have just sold their birth right for a little cheap token… See they love it when they can continue to be ass H**LES. Kind of like they bend over and say “ Please be gentle with me – I like it when you screw me up the ass with no Vaseline”….

Just wait until the Dem’s spring their trap on these idiots…. These jerks are no different than the sellout Dimecraps are. Enjoy the festivies of this shanaigan.